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StormBlade Change!!

Apr 27, 2012
I think the storm blade needs to be changed to at least 35% Storm is supposed to be powerful if I'm not mistaken, but why is the Stormblade 30%? Please KI change it!

Sep 17, 2012
Storm's blades are slightly smaller because storm needs them least. Storm gear has the highest attack boost of any school. Storm spells also have the highest base damage of any school. Storm also has more blades than most other schools. Supercharge is an extremely powerful blade that only storm has. The last thing storm needs is a stronger blade.

Gavin Stormblood Level 95

May 10, 2010
Stormblade is Only 30% Because of it's power. Compare Thunder Snake to Frost Beetle for Example.

Thunder Snake deals 105-145 Damage.

Frost Beetle only deals 65-105 Damage.

Storm focuses on Power, while Ice, for example, focuses on endurance.

As such, Storm has the highest offense of the game, while Ice has the strongest defense. Also, Storm has the lowest Accuracy, while Life has the highest.

Storm does have it's drawbacks, yes, but given time the spark of imagination and determination is the key part of being a Diviner!

-Valkoor Soulblade, Level 79 / Waterworks Warrior

Jan 21, 2014
Storm blade was not meant to be 35% because it will be crazy for all the schools. It also was not made to be 35% because storm would have too much power into it.
Storm Owl at least damage+blades and traps:(1525+35%+25%+70%/feint=Over 4000 damage)