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Storm School Club

Jul 31, 2008
*We should keep all discussion in here in character*

Hello there fellow students!! You may know me as Malorn RavenSword, an up and coming storm student such as yourselves. The reason for making this club is simple, to find a way in which we can help each other out without going through all that trouble of running around in search of a good friend who will help us out.

Here we can "talk" more freely than in the live chat, so come on by and present yourselves! We are more likely to make better friends this way! (or so I think :D )

I will start, since it would be rude any other way lol

As I said before I am Malorn RavenSword and I am trying to be the best I can be! lol. (even though I am kidding it's still true!) Before I came to Ravenwood school of withcraft and wizardry I lived on an island far away from here. Suddenly, I was zapped away and appeared on this starnge but wonderfull place...(I'm sure you can all relate to this experience) I was tested to find out where I belonged an lo and behold! I was placed on what I believe to be the best school of them all! Storm! I am pretty sure that all my experience dealing with island hurricanes and the high tide prepared me for this day. As you all know, we in storm school grow strong very quickly, but having a friend is always a good idea. I think I have a good sense of humor, I am very outgoing and not that responsible....(although I try to keep up with my homework Professor Balestrom) I can be very friendly, and try to help out as much as I can, especially because all that help counts as extra credit

There, now you know a little more about me, I hope that you aren't shy and join this soon to be cool club! Once we have more members we can try to set up meetings in the live realm!

Sep 08, 2008
I saw this brand new post, and found it very interesting.

I am Mark Stormcrafter, Master Diviner "stuck" at level 45. Despite heavy training, I have found it difficult to advance in my ranks. I was told Dragonspyre would be revealed to us soon, so my training may continue.

I have stumbled accross Merle's mystical book of spells, that would let me discover my "innate" school of magic. I took its test, and have found myself classed as a Storm Wizard. As soon as I had discovered who I was, I was faced with Merle after he sensed my presence and teleported me to his Office.

My adventures began there.

I had a lot of fun mastering the powers over Storm, and while I do have some regrets over how I have trained my additional powers for spells I dont really use, inside, I am happy.

I am currently seeking a way to reverse knowledge gained, and to learn different spells outside my own element to broaden my diversity in offense and defense. This quest for what seems to be the "forbidden knowledge" has given me the resolve to one day find it.

It is nice to meet you, and perhaps we will team up for a good match against other fellow wizards to test and further practice our skills.

Jul 31, 2008
Yes most definitely....but not today. I am only in level 27 you see! But I will not give up hope, one day we will have a friendly match!

Hey Mark I was thinking, maybe we could use the strom tower as our official site, and make some of our meetings there. For example, evry friday at 7pm we could get together in the storm tower and , either go to the arena or finish any unfinished quests or things of that sort.

What time is best for you?

Jul 31, 2008
I am not sure I have made myself clear. We all know that it can be frustrating to want some help and not find any. The purpose of this club is to unite all wizards (even though it says storm) and make help more available. I know that many of you have complained that sometimes the Friends option does not help you find help. If that is your case then this is the club for you!

Just place in your level, quest, and realm and lets se if we can find the right kind of help for you!

Jul 31, 2008
Malorn RavenSword here reporting. As of now I am in level 32 trying to grow strong as fast as I can. This of course means that part of my strenght comes from helping others!

Right Now I am writing on this sheet of paper so that you all can read my adventures. Tomorow I will be at the storm tower at 3pm if anybody needs me!

Dec 22, 2008
My name is Iridian SparkleFlame. I took the test and they put me in the school of storm. I chose Life as my second. I am level 17 at the moment. If someone can guide me I would be so very happy. I am getting dishearted because I am finding it very difficult to increase my health points. Not even clearing 900. Yes, upgrade outfit, shoes etc. I have done all that.

I have helped my son that is in death and he is already healthier than me. He is level 12 now. Arrgghh!!!

Please help from a student that does not want to guit school.

Thank you,

Iridian SparkleFlame.

PS It would be nice to actually meet other Storm students. :) I havent met any that are high level.

Jul 31, 2008

Dont lose heart Iridian! It is not all about health! My character is level 34 and only has 1,400 health. Health is not one of our strong points.

Even though i have so little health I am proof that our school does NOT need a lot of health because we can do a LOT of damage. Each school has its own strong points and weak points:

Life- plenty of health and can heal itsself and others. High acuracy but low damage, so while you could probably do the whole game solo with life, you will get bored very easily because battles last a life time.

Death- Not so much health as life, but plenty anyways. Good acurracy, but does not do so much damage. However, this school lets smart wizards make spectacular combos (wich are time consuming) and as an added plus they drain health from their opponents.

Myth- medium health and attack power, good acurracy. They can summon minions to help them fight in battles

Ice- The BEST health possible, but the LOWEST attack possible. They can absorb a lot of damage, and this means that they can outlast almost any opponent, but at the same time this means that each and everybattle may take a lot of time

Fire- Low health, low acuraccy but high attack power. They specialize in damage over time spells (i think)

storm - Lowest health, lowest acurracy, but highest attack damage. It does not take a lot of time for us to make a lot of damage, so our battes tend to be very short! I do not need a lot of health if by the end of 3 turns I can already do over 1,000 damage! (Storm blade, storm trap, kraken, and one golden pip)

Iridian, always play for your advantage. never try to outlast your opponent, always use a bit of brain and a lot of brawn to end your fights quickly, and you will see, how it wont bother you anymore the fact that you have so little health!

Jul 31, 2008
Malorn RavenSword back again reporting!

I am finally a master! After all this time I am finally one of the tens of thousands who have reached master level! lol

Anywho, it would be my pleasure to help younger players level up and become strong wizards, so if anyone needs help, please introduce yourself and tell me how I can help!

Dec 20, 2008
I am storm too and I forgot to tell you about myself!
I am level 47 almost Grandmaster. I have been working hard to maintain my character. I have a minotaur pet that is name "Lord Midnight". I have an Dragonspyre sword that is ice
You see Storm is the most powerful and the most coolest than the other schools. We do the most damage and the least accuracy and health!
We are the best and STORM IS MY FAVORITE ELEMENT!!! (and so is death and air)
I have over 2,000 health and I have over 400 mana too.
Here is my profile:
Ethan ShadowWraith Level 47 Master Diviner/Pyromancer
Badge: Savior of the Spiral
Sword: The Longblade of the Homunculus (100 damage)
Pets: Minotaur, Rat Magician, Treant, Troll 2, Dark Fairy, Earth Walker, Storm Beetle, Snow Serpent, Ninja Pig, and Osiris Papyrus.
Deck: Dragonfire Deck
Amulet: Jade Oni's Amulet of Duplicity (Hydra)
Powerful Cards: Triton, Colossus, Helephant, Dryad (healing card), Stormzilla, Storm Lord (Just Kidding!! )Minotaur, and Phoenix.

Jul 20, 2008
Hi, I'm Iridian Taleweaver, please to meet you. I arrived on the spiral with no clue what was going, but excited that I was in a world of magic. I took the test, and found myself learning the ways of Storm magic. At first I didn't really enjoy storm magic, so I decided to learn the ways of the ice titans, I found out by combining the defensive magic of ice with the offensive magic of storm, I was able to become more powerful. I am currently a level 47 storm wizard trying to finish up dragonspyre. So I would be glad if some Gentleman or lady companions would escort me and my storm hound pet through the last three area of Dragonspyre, I have a %70 pip rate so believe me when battles with me won't last long. Of course I be more than willing to lend my services to those that need it.

Iridian Taleweaver.

Nov 08, 2008
hi i am a magus lvl 35 storm student the great wolf wind walker marley bone was hard for me but i did it cant wait till triton lvl 38 i need help with some things i have not done in marley adn one in kroks some plz help me 8) :?

Mar 16, 2009
The short redheaded girl sneaks in the back and glances around. To no avail, it appears, for all eyes have zeroed in on her. She smiles, a little shyly, and waves.

"Hello. I'm Sydney NightRiver. I found a book, you see, and ended up on a bigger adventure than I could have ever dreamed of! It was frightening, and at times it hurt enough that I wanted to give up, but I'm now at Level 26 and have no intentions of letting any of the walking purses that I find myself face to face with get me down!"

Smiling again, still a little shyly, she ducks her head so that her 'pirate hat' hides some of her face.

Dec 14, 2008
Hello, I'm James thunder blade level 40 diviner, I would like your opinion on the new spell stormlord:

1st choice: overpowered

2nd choice:underpowered

3rd choice:just right

Jan 04, 2009
hi i am blaze stormtamer, i am a grand master diviner
. i would like to join storm club, plus i can help you all with storm lord (zeus).

i really hope i can help!!!!!!!

Apr 21, 2009
Hello, i my name is Stephen Magus Diviner. I don't know if i can be the best help but i would like to make storm friends :D . I am currently progressing in mooshu i don't have the best spells. But i really hope i can help! :)

Jul 01, 2009
hello my name is noah battle breeze [i was only 3]and i was living on a island stranded in the alatinic ocean with only some cards i didnt know about.....but then, one day i was caught in a thunder storm there was only one thing to do look at the cards...when i looked at them they all had these strom like things in the corneri tried to summon a shark insted in summoned the storm lord who quuickly ended the storm..when i stoped a dark wizard showed up and took me away....i woke up and found myself in a bed i asked him where was i.....he told me in dragonspyer....i was surprised
then i spent my days training in dragonspyer i learned the trust of the minions but then one day i was training with my teacher in the death arts and storm arts i got picked up in this thunderstorm
i woke up again in a lake and i saw some one i quickly jumped and summoned bannshes to help me
he told me his name and his name was merle ambrose he asked where i was from i said dragonspyer he said who taught u these spells i said my profeesor "Malistaire Drake"then he said i was lucky to be in wizard city i said why he said that becuz u would help destroy wizard city then i said that is my destiny and i summoned hundreds of storm and death minions to take over wizard city

and that is why we have ghouls, banshees,sketal pirates,lost souls and those scarecrow thingies in hounted cave

Mar 09, 2009
Jul 18, 2009

Cool! I thought i saw you at the arena one day Ethan! My name is Sestiva (got no last name in the game lolz ), and I am a Magus Diviner. Each day I lvl up or gain half a lvl, so tomorrow I might be lvl 35 or 40! I have lot of health for my lvl (1, 500) espescially for a Storm student. Storm is superpowerful, and I think they are practically INVINCIBLE.

Here, I will share my profile:
Name: Sestiva
School: Storm
Hat: Headress of Refutation(lolz I've worn this since lvl 15)
Robe: Phantasmal Raiment
Shoes: Magma Walkers
Staff: Odji's Staff of Downpour (I really need to get a new wand/sword!)
Athame: (still looking)
Ring: Ring of Significance
Pet: Krokotillian (Madame Rufus)
Deck: Watchman's Deck
Amulet: (some sort of amulet that does "-50% to all heal spells to enemies"
I usually always work in a team with other players and friends.

I really hope to see you all in the game! And meet me in the Storm tower everyday at anytime (i constantly go to Halston Balestrom)


Jul 18, 2009
Lolz, Sestiva is back! I need some help in Marleybone at the moment. Plz remember my name (which isn't very common, and is easy to remember), and that I have red hair and green eyes. Like almost every other girl, I like to color corridinate, lolz, so I always wear purple and dark blue for the STORM COLORS. If you see me about to attack a monster, I usually yell "ATTACK!" right before battle. Most of my friends call me "deadly but cute" lolz. I'm usually the first person in a battle, and I hang out with my team called "The Tri Force Squad". I'd like to turn it into the "Hundred Force Squad" one day, so plz add me! I am usually hanging around the Arena a lot.

My badge is usually: Mastermind, Elemental Banisher, or Oni Slayer.
I talk a lot, and say HI EVERYONE, everytime i go to a crowded space.

I like to go to the storm tower a whole lot, and make parties there, so meet me in Ravenwood tonight, before school starts, to have a End of Summer Storm party!

Aug 02, 2009
Hello my name is Nicholas Griffinbreath lvl.10 initiate diviner. I just recently got my storm shark spell and it comes in handy during some situations (I usually use it to finish off tough bosses). I am looking forward to see what this club talks about.

P.S. I think we should talk about new ideas for storm spell,pets, and clothes

May 30, 2009
Hello, my name is Chris Legendmask, I am Grandmaster level 50. ^-^
If anybody have any questions about how to be an effective Storm wizard I will gladly help you. Here are some basic tips:

1. Always save up for strong spells and use as many wards/blades as you can.
2. If you don't kill but are close, do anything you can to kill him.
3. It helps to get a friend because storm is not good at soloing.
4. Always get elemental blades/traps
5. When your fighting a storm boss put a convert on FIRST thing.
6. When fighting a myth boss always kill FAST because they will put storm shields on. If you can put a Dissipate on the boss to keep him/her from using storm shield.

those are some points to give, not all of them. These are on the top of my head; and I don't want to give you all of the secrets ^-^

Chris Legendmask - lvl 50 grandmaster storm
Chris Deathcaller - lvl 22 death

Mar 08, 2009
My name is Charles Stormrider... level 50 storm wizard and the best storm wizard (you heard me Professor Balestrom and Ambrose. I can take BOTH of you on in PvP)

Storm is the best school. It stinks at first with fizzling all the time, but once you get clothes that give you accuracy (85% accuracy now) storm rocks. I'm telling you, new storm people, hang in there. Its worth it.

May 30, 2009
apollo0103 wrote:
My name is Charles Stormrider... level 50 storm wizard and the best storm wizard (you heard me Professor Balestrom and Ambrose. I can take BOTH of you on in PvP)

Storm is the best school. It stinks at first with fizzling all the time, but once you get clothes that give you accuracy (85% accuracy now) storm rocks. I'm telling you, new storm people, hang in there. Its worth it.

I'm also able to beat them plus you in pvp ^,^

Chris Legendmask - Grandmaster Storm
Christopher Deathcaller - Adept Death - 26

May 30, 2009
Hey there!I'm a Storm Student to so I'll give you my stats.Not my clothes though.
Name:Blaze Stormhammer
Badge:DragonSpyre Explorer
Pets in backpack:(In Egg)Storm Cat,Death Troll,Stormzilla, and Storm Cololsus(I dont know how to spell that word )
Pets Trying to get:Storm Beetle,Storm Serpent,and Ice Bird.(I know where the Serpent and Bird are but not the Beetle,please tell me where I can find it!)And thats all!

Dec 08, 2008
Hi everybody!

I am a level 16 Storm wizard and I could ues some help in Krockatopa in the palace of fire. I can meet in the storm tower at 3:00pm on weekdays and 11:00am on weekends. One more question: Will anyone check this anymore? :?
Sorry I forgot my name Because I just started her , my normal charter is a level 48 life charter (so I will go by his name for now).

Ronan Lifegiver.