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store pets roaming free in the yard

Mar 28, 2009
I would like to see all the store pets in my bank running in and out of my house playing and doing pets things. Think there anyway that the wizard ppl will make it happen it would be nice to pop in at your house and see all your pets runing and playing like animals some might nap under a tree or go swimming in the water. Help me get them to make the pets act like pets instead of just hanging around doing nothing.

Jun 06, 2009
I think that is a very good idea because there are certain pets you can't sell or trade (blue cyclops) and it would be cool to see your pets running around your doing different activities

Sean Ironflame
Level 23 Adept Pyromancer

See ya in the Spiral

Dec 18, 2008
i like this i love my pets and why do they have to be cramped up in my backpack just sitting there or in a wooden chest? i love your idea

May 28, 2009
I agree. I have received a lot of pets as drops and would love to see them running around my house or yard when I don't have them equipped.

Dec 31, 2008
that would be sooo cool! I'm buying every pet in everyworld as possible(have over eight right now) :P i hate how they do nothing though, cramped in my backpack or just running beside meh, doing nothing. although the pets doing things by themselves like "swimming" or "doing pet things" seems a little too complicated for KingsIsle to really do anything about it. Maybe we could CHOOSE the pets actions, click on ya pet then a little window appears and you choose it to do any action you want. You can maybe buy pet actions at stores and rare ones like "dancing" or "climbing a tree" with crowns from Prospector Zeke! :-P but i seriously doubt that KingsIsle would see this post even. They have a pretty good ebough game here but it would still be cool if something like that happened

~Blaze DragonFlame, Level 45 Pyromancer in DS

Jul 14, 2009
I totally agree! I have a cyclops, 2 dragons, and a firecat. I regularly use the dragons, and I feel bad for the other pets. I hope they make it where they can run around and get some exercise.