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Stitching pranks

Mar 12, 2013
So today I was reminded by Lincoln that I had hoarded too much stuff and would lose all kinds of nifty drops unless I cleaned out my bank and backpack a bit.

In the process of doing so I discovered I had about three spare complete sets of waterworks gear gathering dust in the bank. I almost went to Shopping District when something occurred to me.

Waterworks gear is distinctively ugly and helps you identify a wizard's school and level on sight. When you see someone tooling around the commons or stepping into the arena in their garish yellow spandex superhero clothes, you know with almost 100% certainty you're facing a lvl 65-75 myth, and all that it entails.

Players can theoretically stitch the ww gear onto other things, or dye their heroic hood and tights any other color. But few actually do this - it's expensive, and a chore to not accidentally sell your ww gear now that it looks like something else. So being able to profile a wizard's battle capacity with high precision at first sight is still the rule, rather than the exception.

Unless, of course, you were to stitch something else, something totally unpredictable, ONTO the familiar waterworks items.

Instead of losing these hard-won spare items for a few hundred gold, I could use them to disguise some jade armor or some of the more degenerate level 90 critware coming out of Pharaoh's Hoard packs. A smattering of crowns, some dye, and suddenly your level 90 looks like a much less threatening level 70 of any school you wish.

Are you life, and tired of becoming an instant target in team pvp? Disguise your jade 90+ life as a midrange storm and watch them scramble to sort out who is who. Their attacks will barely scratch you, while the real storm (wearing black and feinting various people) suddenly sirens.

Conversely, if you really felt like it, you could make a fresh novice wizard and stitch some serviceable low-level items onto the waterworks gear. You would be sailing along in Triton Avenue in your Rattlebones dropped shoes and Lady Blackhope's dropped hat and your roughspun robe, all cunningly disguised as a much more powerful wizard.

You could even stitch commander gear to it and let the accusations of puppeting roll in! When they find out you're actually still a magus they will probably NOT apologize, but will still scratch their heads.

I welcome other ideas for what to do with these spare instantly familiar and singularly unattractive waterworks gear items. (Short of donating them to needy wizards elsewhere in the Spiral, cause that would be the best solution but it's not allowed by the game.) Or anything related to misinformation through stitching and dye shop.

Mind you, I have a few crowns, but not a lot. So suggestions like stitching Darkwraith's Umbral Boots to Delectable Hooves - nope. (Although if someone were to gift me some packs I do have a spare pig shoes. )

May 22, 2009
Your post reminded me of my turkey hat. I wore that thing for over 3 years stitching new stats onto it, including the WW gear. Although I don't have it currently equipped, it is in my backpack. It remains my favorite hat of all times. Excuse me, I think i will stitch new stats onto it. I do miss my friends complaining about me molting on them.

Sep 25, 2010
i dis something similar on my life. My life was an adept at time, finishing up krokotopia when i did this. I took some drops from Avalon, the knight helmet and the armor with cape, etc. and made those the appearance of my life's adept clothes . I was running through krok looking like a transcendent and i felt so awesome!!! .

Scarlet Dragonpetal Lvl 90 Pyro
Amanda Dragonflame Lvl 34 Life

Apr 30, 2010
on one of my chars i bought a set of low lvl armor and changed my badge to "Hero of Unicorn Way"

then i stitched my good avalon gear and Wicked Cold Clothes to the noob stuff, went onto my other pc and went to avalon, and had my fist one (in noob stuff) port. i then got rid of other guy, by quitting on his server, and then went to high road, the open area anyone can get to

i said "Please may i join" in menu chat from behind so the people couldnt see and they said "No"

i went in and they said "Flee" "no" "leave the battle" in menu, then they saw i was Open chat

And that my heath was over 5000.


Mar 14, 2011
Posting other school robes on your so they'll think you're from that one school. Yep, i totally do that. They'll never guess i am balance.

Jan 17, 2011
I did a familiar thing a while ago...
I had super bundle level 50 gear, but I think my hair looks weird and it shows my hair. On the other hand I had Bird caller's gear. I liked wearing that more. I only wore the super bundle gear when I was questing, but other times I casually wore the Bird caller's gear and one time a person came up to me and asked why I was so high of a level wearing noob gear which AGRIVATED me!!! Then I got crowns, stitched the super bundle stats onto the Bird caller's gear except for the robe because I found a robe in mb that I liked. I stiched the super bundle robe stats onto that robe I found in mb, and ran around cl looking exactly like a noob that shouldn't be there (XD).