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stitching pets

Jul 17, 2009
Hi. Please let Eloise (I think that's her name) stitch pets like we already can do for gear. I really want to use my danger hound, but it have the stats my kookaburra has.
I think the biggest issue would be hatching with that ablity. But if it makes that pet unhatchable i'm totally ok with it. It's not like the danger hound is hatchable for another danger hound. Or if the pet that shows in the kiosk is the one you stitched, not the "skin" I'm okay if the danger hound says its a kookaburra. I'm sure others will agree.

Feb 19, 2010
Sounds good. I want a storm beetle and it also can not be hatched. So stitching would be nice. There are a few other pets that can not be hatched or obtained by hatching. So making it limited to those pets that can not be obtained by hatching would be great.

Aug 03, 2014
It totally goes against the essence of learning talents but we're wizards and surrounded by magic, so anything is possible!

I imagine this cool feature as a 'Copy Cat' kind of thing...like the girl in Heroes who could see other people do something and her power let her do those things too. It also seems like a fitting name for it since it's for pets

Select your pets, 'would you like to apply Copy Cat?' woohoo...awesome! It would be especially nice for pets that can't pass their body type when hatching

Jun 22, 2009
This is exactly what I was thinking of! Not only pets, I would also like mounts. I'm not a huge fan of the narwhal mount from the Polaris pack but it gives 2 damage. However, I love the vulpine avenger aka the fox mount, it's so cute! I'd want to stitch the narwhal mount to the fox mount which would have my fox mount have 2 damage. It would also be cool for the motor cycle mount to have -60% speed lol