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Statues of Our Wizards

Jul 26, 2011
We should be able to have statues of our wizards. These statues would be craftable and would be Transcendent Crafter or Legendary Crafter Only. There would be 2 kinds of statues, Life Size (The size of our wizards) and Large (twice the size of the Life Size one). How the statues would work is you pick your wizards face like from the New Wizard creation menu, Then like a mannequin, you can put clothes on it though would be turned to the color of the statue (example: gray: darker colors go darker gray, lighter colors go lighter gray, and medium colors stay the same shade of gray) You can also equip a wand on the statues to and you have a choice if you can have it "turned to stone" to fit the rest of the statue, or leave it the way it is to make it look unique from the rest of the statue and also to add a bit of color. And then there would be another statue piece: Wizard Statue Base. The Wizard Statue Base could be customized however you want (Mostly designs of your schools). There would also be a plaque on it that would be interactable that could say something like "In Honor of *Insert Wizards Name here* or other stuff to choose from. I think that Wizard Statues would be a lovely addition to housing and would look good in Gardens, Courtyards, etc. I know i'd like to have 8 of them around my PvP Rings in my castles! Leave what you think about this idea or speak your concerns, ideas, or ways to improve this idea. Thanks for Reading!!!
Megan Frostflame Level 100 Child of Light and Shadow