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Dec 08, 2009
i've been thinking about the next new spells. like for it would be awesome a giant tree that will throw apple bombs.For could be a giant tornado. for would be a puppet a classic old puppet. For could be a sea dragon. would be a yeti. for would be like an unbalance angel that when she attacks she becomes balance in her form.For would be a like a ghost fire. um this my idea for spells but if you have any ideas you can share them. remember this my opinion of this idea if you have an awesome idea for spells it would be cool if you share it.

Apr 25, 2011
Myth would be a sea dragon??
These ideas are a little out of order, you didn't get the balance symbol right by the way, its this.
This idea is off the category of spells, myth is suppose to be mythical like trolls and goblins.
Also it only throws bomb apples for the life?? Most of these are underpowered, life should be hitting and absorbing by now, were already at level 100.
Also you forgot about other types of spells. Are we ever going to update Celestian Spells? Or Shadow Spells?