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Spell Update: Myth Banshee

Sep 04, 2008
Hello KI!

This is a request for you fine folks to update/change the skin for a TC and item card in game. The Myth Banshee, both pet and spell icon, has a really cool skin/design, but loses that skin/design when being cast. The spell's animation has a banshee with a skin that largely resembles (if not is identical) to the red banshee TC and item card. Now, I understand that this may seem very trivial, BUT, it seems such a waste for you guys to have a cool design for this lovely lady and then not end up using it in the actual spell animation. I'm hoping that for this halloween update you guys might be able to squeeze this in as a tiny, little, minuscule update for myself and possible other players that love the myth banshee spell!!! Thank you guys for all that you do!

Since we're on the subject.... you should make the spell trainable!!!! (I understand this probably won't happen, but I'd be mad at myself if I found out you read this, made the suggested change and I didn't even bother asking about it)

Your Loyal Fan, Thunder054