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Spell Suggestions and Revisions

Oct 24, 2019
I'd like to see more Balance Spells such as:
Balance Shield for Sabrina Greenstar in the Commons
Balance Prism/Mass Balance Prism (Converts into One Random School (Elemental or Spirit)) for Cassie the Ponycorn in Avalon
Balancespear for Enya Firemoon in Avalon.

I'd also like to see the spell Balanceblade become a +30% Balance Hit instead of +30% Universal Hit since Dragonblade exists for Universal Hits. Dragonblade TC should then be made available via Harold Argleston in the WC Library or Librarian Fitzhume in the Arcanum.

Dragonblade and Dragonspear should also become learnable for all classes, perhaps via a Dragonspyre Boss?
Neberyx might be a good option as it would allow people to be reintroduced to the Make a Wish Quest as well people earn their Respective Class Brandon Jewels/TCs.

Sharpened Blades should be usable on Spears.

Potent Traps should be usable on Weaknesses/Mantles (Except Bad Juju)

Snow Shield should also be renamed Ice Shield to match every other Shield in the Game.

The spell Renew should be MORE useful than Cycle of Life since Renew is earned at Level 110.
(My suggestion is to change Renew to +25% Outgoing, +5-10% Power Pip Chance (No Death DMG Incoming)
Gears with Renew, like the Dragoon's Vibrant Armor, should be changed to +30% Outgoing, +10% Power Pip Chance)

Treasure Cards for Spells provided by Qyburn Stellargaze should become widely available.
(Albeit Epic is available via Enemies in the Deckathalon Event and Deckathalon TC Packs)

Upgraded Extraordinary spell should be provided by Qyburn Stellargaze.
My suggestion: Marvelous (+25% Accuracy and +25% Pierce)(Limit 1 PvP, Limit 3 PvE)

Upgraded Vengeance Spell should be provided by Qyburn Stellargaze.
My suggestion: Retribution (+25% Critical)

Vengeance should have a counterpart for Block provided by Astral Trainers and Qyburn Stellargaze.
My suggestions: Entrench (+20% Block) and Bulwark (+25% Block)

Healing Dispels should exist.
(Perhaps a return of the legendary "Lifebane"? Lifebane could be changed to a Healing Dispel)

Dampen Magic and Elucidate TC should return with the Introduction of Adventure Talents.
(If it already hasn't been introduced)

Legitimate introductions of the Youkai TC should happen with Adventure Talents and should become available as drops via Youkai.
(If it already hasn't been introduced)

Legitimate rework of the "Accidental" Spell "Trick" should be introduced.
(My suggestion: Make it 3 Pips, Steals 1 Power Pip - Could be Spellwritten to cost less Pips to cast, with a 2-3 Card Limit)

Simplify and Elucidate should also become No PvP.
Fire Beetle TC should be changed to match other Beetle TC in Wizard101, my suggestion: 150 Fire DMG, 1 +35% Fire Trap. Fire Beetle Cards on Pets and Gear should remain unchanged.

The Following Cards could use Limits, similar to Reshuffle:
Mana Burn - 2-3
Guardian Spirit - 1 (No Critical)
Loremaster - 2-3
Burning Rampage - 2-3
Bad Juju - 2-3 (Reduce PvP Backlash to 1000 DMG (No Resist), same as Kiss of Death)
Every Minion that's currently No PvP (Except Monstrology Minions) - 1

The always inevitable conversation of Shrike and Jade Gear, my suggestions for Shadow Shrike and Jade Gear:
Shrike should become Limited to 2-3, Shrike's Pierce should also be reduced to 10-25% in PvP Only
Jade Gear should become No PvP for anything Level 70 or Higher. PvP Universal Resist should also be capped at 75%, anything over 75% would prompt the Player to remove some Resist to promote fair competitive play. Same would apply to Pierce on Gears over 35-50%. (Numbers are presumed fair as based off of Wizard101 Community Tournaments)(Jade would still be allowed in PvE, these changes would allow Jades to finally receive a 120, 130+ Set in PvE)

Shadow Sentinel's Block should be 60% to match Shadow Trickster's Critical Boost.

Conviction should be 50-75% Stun Resistance and 25% Block
(This is to compensate the fact that most Set Bonuses in Test Realm provide Stun Resistance, Dragoon Sets in particular provide 25% for 7 Pieces)

Dark Nova's DMG should be Nerfed to 1000, Dark Fiend's DMG should be Nerfed to 875.

Donate Shadow should be 2-3 Pips and 1 Shadow Pip instead of 0 Pips, 2 Shadows
(It seems senseless and wasteful to me why it requires 2 Shadows to give 1 Shadow to an Ally, make it like Donate Power)
The spell Cloak needs more uses in PvE and PvP, here are my suggestions:
-Cloak should allow players to circumvent Dispels as Cloak can be enchantable to Attacks
(I'm well aware that at one point Cloak was used to circumvent Dispel Limits but the Dispel Shield fix in my opinion re-made Cloak useless, if anything make it to where if you Cloak Dispels, the receiving player DOESNT get a Dispel Shield right away but instead gets a Shield when they Fizzle)(To COUNTER a Dispel, a player could simply Cloak their next attack and hit their opponent with the Cloaked Attack, not triggering the Dispel)
-Cloak should also be enchantable to Cards to prevent people who've "casted" Arcane Deduction from seeing your hand.
(If this hasn't already been done)(Deduction should also give the Opposing Player a Single Turn to Cloak Spells before the Spying begins)(Also Arcane Deduction or just "Spying" in General should be a Learnable Spell)
-Cloak should be allowed to circumvent Blade Specific, Weakness Specific, Attack Specific Cheats, etc.
(This would allow Cloak to shine in PvE as Cloak's main existence is to Cloak your spells to the Enemy. How would an Enemy TRULY know what you're casting unless they were a Mind Reader? Most Enemies in Wizard101 are Mean, Lean Spell Casting Machines but they're NOT all knowing. I feel like only a select few bosses should know what's in a Player's Hand by some sort of Cheat Prompt like "I Sense Your Blade, I Counter It!". Cloaked Spells on Non-Mind Reading/Sensing Bosses would be allowed to bypass existing Blade, Weakness, Attack Cheats, etc.)

Loremaster's Spell Drops should be available by more bosses in the Game.
(Similar to Koto, Shoji and Zaneki)

Spells like Headless Horseman, Reindeer Knight and Krampus should be made available from respective Holiday Bosses.

More Holiday Spells need to Exist.
(Not just Halloween and Christmas)

Battle Elixirs should not only include Stat Boosters but Cards as well
(Example: Major Life Battle Elixirs should include 3 Lifeblades, 3 Life Traps, 3 Lifespears, etc.)

More Rings and Athames should provide Cards, not JUST Bodkin of the Hearty
Mounts should provide Cards
(This could be for any type of Cards: Battles, Gardening, Fishing, etc.)
Fishing Spells and Gardening Spells should receive Spellements to make the Energy Costs for these Spells lesser. Perhaps through a Boss to fight that is an extension of the Fishing and Gardening Quests?
Fishing Spell TC should exist. Perhaps create some Fishing Spells that're exclusive to TCs like Winnow Chests, Reveal Fish Rank 2/3, and Instant Reel (10 Energy)?

TC Exclusive Gardening Spells should exist. Perhaps Double Reward and Double Seed TCs?

Finally, allow me to introduce a concept for Cards that're usable outside the Duel Circle, Fishing, or Gardening:
~Adventure Cards~
Adventure Cards would be very rare Cards obtained from Duels that'd allow Players to Cast a beneficial range of Special Effects, such as:
-Summon Quest Ally, this Card would allow the Player to Summon a "Questing Ally" for 1 Hour that would either, by Player's Choice, help boost the Player's Stats by a relative percentage based on the World it was summoned in or assist the Player in a Duel as a Henchman.
(Summoned Allies are restricted to the World they were summoned in and have a caveat that if they were to be defeated in a Duel as a Henchman, the Player would lose the remaining time with the Ally. This would not be toggle-able as it would then be unbalanced)(Think of Summoning Allies as similar to "Mellori" or "Ivan" in Polaris)(If the "Henchman" choice was selected but a fight already consists of 4 players, the Ally becomes unusable until room is made for the Henchman to enter)
-Pekron Blast, this card would randomly boost ONE of the following: Daily Assignment Reward Rates, Animus Rates, Spellement Drop Rates, Pet Reagent Rates, Fishing Luck Rates, Gardening XP Rates, Gardening Drop Rates, Gardening Seed Rates, Health/Mana Orb Regen Rates, Gold Drop Rates, Experience Rates
(The first "Pekron Blast" Card would be provided to you via Aegon Statz for completing a Quest that let's you understand how to use Pekrons to your advantage, subsequent Cards would have to be obtained from Daily Assignment Quest Fights and/or Daily Assignment Quest Sigils (Like the one in Marleybone that becomes inaccessible after the Fight))
-Stat Boosts, boosts the Player's Stats by a fixed percentage
(Examples: +5% DMG, +5% Accuracy, +25 Flat Resist (Not %), +10% Overall Critical, +10% Overall Block, +5% Pierce, +10% Stun Resist, +10% Power Pip Chance, +5% Shadow Pip Chance)(These would all be No PvP)(These also don't count towards Elixir Boosts)
-Gain Experience, this card would allow the Player to Gain XP 1 Hour
(XP would be 1000 XP every 10 Minutes)
-Gain Pet XP, this card would allow the Player's Pet to Gain XP for 1 Hour
(Pet XP would be 100 XP every 10 Minutes)
-Gain Fishing XP, this card would allow the Player to Gain Fishing XP for 1 Hour
(Player must be actively Fishing, Fishing XP would be 100 XP every 10 minutes)
-Gain Gardening XP, this card would allow the Player to Gain Gardening XP for 20 Minutes
(Player must be actively Gardening, Gardening XP would be 250 XP for every 5 Minutes)

Oct 24, 2019
Some of the suggestions above got morphed together without my intent, sorry for that. Here are some other suggestions:

Ratatoskr's Spin, Grendels Amends, Hammer of Thor, and Headless Horseman should become available to Craft.

More Unique 3-4 Pip Spells like Gobbler should become available to learn via the other Arcanum Teachers.

Grendels Amends should be 4 Pips to compensate the Accuracy/Incoming Healing Difference from Satyr.

There should be a Spell that protects Overtime DoTs
My suggestion: Stable

There should be a Spell that protects Overtime Heals
My suggestion: Preserve

There should be a Spell that protects Stun Blocks
My suggestion: Refuge

Scion of Life needs a MASSIVE change.
My suggestion: 1500 Health to ALL allies, plus 250 overtime heal and 500 armor shield if Combined Ally Health is 25-30% (Example: Combined Max Ally Health is 10000 but Ally Health totals 2500, Secondary Effects would Activate)

Every Multi Hit spell in Wizard101 should have it's animation hit every enemy at once.

The Following Spells could use Spellements (Only Final Route Spells will be Mentioned):
~Pixie~ (Also Applies to Fairy)
Route 1: Never Fizzle, More Health (575 Health)
Route 2: 400 Health, 100 Overtime, 50 Tower Shield
~Headless Horseman~
Route 1: Never Fizzle
Route 2: 75% Accuracy, 550-625
Route 1: +75 Target, +25 Self
Route 2: +75 All Targets, +75 Self
Route 1: +50% Blade
Route 2: Normal Blade, Adds +10% Spear
Route 1: +50% Trap
Route 2: Normal Trap, Adds on All Targets
Route 1: +15% Spear
Route 2: Never Fizzle, Protected, +10% Spear
~Shields~ (Excludes Elemental and Spirit Shield)
Route 1: +100% Shield, Limit 3
Route 2: +50 Shield x3, Limit 3
Route 1: Protected Dispel, No Dispel Shield on Target
Route 2: Double Dispel, Single Dispel Shield
Route 1: -50 Weakness
Route 2: Never Fizzle, Protected, -35 Weakness
~Black Mantle~
Route 1: -65 Mantle
Route 2: Never Fizzle, Protected, -50 Mantle
~Healing Blades~
Route 1: Never Fizzle +40 (Guiding Light), +45 All Ally (Brilliant Light)
Route 2: Never Fizzle, Protected, Guiding Light becomes +30 All Ally
~Mass Prisms~
Route 1: Protected
Route 2: 85% Accuracy, Double Prism to All Targets
Route 1: Never Fizzle, 575+ Armor
Route 2: 400 Armor, -50 Tower
Route 1: Triage, +100 Health
Route 2: Never Fizzle, Double Triage
Route 1: Never Fizzle, Protected
Route 2: 75% Accuracy, Double Infection
Route 1: Reshuffle INCLUDES TC (Except Reshuffle TC), 2 Limit
Route 2: Never Fizzle, Reshuffle 3 Limit

Examination Feature needs to be come available so we can see a Friend's Spell Deck (Outside of the Arena/Houses/etc.)

Pets should come with an Additional Jewel Socket dedicated to adding Spells to your Deck.

The Treasure Card Vault needs to return so we can store excess TC in our Houses.

Kiss of Death from the Spooky Carnival Robe needs to become a Trainable Spell for Death.

Death needs a 4 Pip AoE, perhaps Headless Horseman can be revamped to become a Multi Hit for less DMG?
My suggestion: Same Accuracy, 325-400 DMG All Targets

Daybreaker and Nightbreaker need to cost less pips on Breaker Enchanted cards.
My suggestion: Final Route is 2 Pips, Breaker 4 3 Card Limit needs to become No Limit on Third Option, Breaker 3 No Limit can be pushed to Fourth Option

Unicorn needs a Buff
My suggestion: 375 Health, All Allies

Goat Monk needs to have a Secondary Effect
My suggestion: Adds 500 Overtime Heal to Self

Radical needs an eventual upgrade
My suggestion: Cardinal, +200 Health, 25 Tower Shield OR 100 Armor

Loremaster Spells should be transferable to other characters on your Account.
(Caveat can be that it losses Spellement Upgrades and you cannot transfer other Spells to Characters for 1 Month)

Loremaster Spells need to drop Spells for your own School FIRST, then other class Spells.

The Grandfather Spider cheat that switches the Duel Turn Cycle needs to become a 5 Pip+ Trainable Spell.

Deflect Shields need to be Introduced.
(Deflect Shields would function as a Shield that you place on yourself and when a Target attacks you with a Damaging Spell, the attack's DMG would get deflected to an Ally of your choice)(This could also work where a different type of Deflect Shield spreads the DMG to everyone in the Duel Circle)

Transfer Spells need to be Introduced.
(Transfer Blades/Shields/Traps/Prisms/Spears/etc. to an Ally)
More Monstrology Spells should be Available
My Suggestions: Extract Minotaur, Extract Crab, Extract Qhat, Extract Kalamar, Extract Snake, Extract Bug

~Self Explanatory Spell Ideas~
Critical Dispels and Block Dispels (Adds Dispel Shield on Target)
Shadow Dispel (Adds Dispel Shield on Target)

Shadow Shield (-85% Shadow Shield on Self)
Shadow Blade (+35% Shadow Blade on Self)
Shadow Trap (+35% Shadow Trap on Target)
Shadow Spear (+10% Shadow Spear on Self)
Anti-Power Pip Aura (Inflicted Aura that Prevents the Target from Gaining Power Pips and Shadow Pips for 2-3 Turns)
Mantle Aura (Inflicted Aura that Reduces the Targets Accuracy for 2-3 Turns)
Weakness Aura (Inflicted Aura that Reduces the Targets DMG for 2-3 Turns)
Anti-Resist Aura (Inflicted Aura that Reduces the Targets Resist for 2-3 Turns)

Anti-Healer Aura (Inflicted Aura that Reduces the Targets Incoming and Outgoing Healing for 2-3 Turns)
Anti-Misc. Aura (Inflicted Aura that Reduces the Targets Stun Resistance, Pip Conversion and Pierce for 2-3 Turns)

The Following Spell Deck names need Added in Category 1:
Cheat (As in Cheating Bosses)(Also can be added to Category 2)
Numbers 8, 9, and 10 can be added to Category 3

May Cast Sunbird needs to become available by breeding as it doesnt make sense to just make "May Cast Sunbird" the only Pet Talent in the Entire Game to be unbreedable.

More Castle Magic spells would be a nice inclusion to add alongside the Advanced Moving System for Houses.
Perhaps allow us to have an Advanced Castle Magic system for inexperienced Castle Magic users to utilize Castle Magic in their houses?

Trainable Spells should become available in Online Bundles
My suggestion: Make the Sinbad Minion from the Hook Wands a Learnable Spell when you purchase the Sinbad Gauntlet Bundle on the Wizard101 Website.

Crown Reward Events/Scroll of Fortune Events should include Learnable Spells

Learnable Spells should become buyable in the Crown Shop.

There should be an "Increased Spell Drop Rate Elixir" and an "Increased Spellement Drop Rate Elixir" in the Crown Shop and made available through Crown Reward Events and/or Scroll of Fortune Events.

There should be a Random Spellement Pack in the Crown Shop worth 999 Crowns, each 1 of the 7 drops would contain more than 1 Spellement with a Max of 15 Spellements for Any 1 Spellement Drop.

Moon Spell Transformations should receive an Upgrade via Spellements

More Moon Spell attacks should become available.

Introduce Sun and Star attacks to the Game.

Finally, another grand idea:
~Gamebreaker Spells~
Gamebreaker Spells would function as EXTREMELY rare cards casted in a Duel that change the entire spectrum of the fight by having your Wizard go all out with an Attack/Heal. These Gamebreaker Spells would have an extremely less than 1% drop rate and CAN be used in PvP. Using the spell in PvP would produce a popup notification on screen that warns that an opposing player is using a "Gamebreaker" spell and that you'd be allowed to rechoose a Spell to attempt to counter the Gamebreaker Spell. Gamebreaker Spells would cost 12-20 Pips to cast (Depends on what Kingsisle intends to do with Future Spell Costs) and be the rarest spells in the entire game.

Gamebreaker Spells can promote a new means of battling gameplay as well by allowing players to increase the power of Gamebreaker Spells by following on screen command prompts to a rhythm of a song thats used as the BGM of the Gamebreaker Spell, such as typing words that're associated to in-game worlds/NPCs/gears/etc, typing numbers in quick succession, tracing a pattern with your mouse on screen, etc. It'd be a refreshing means to introduce something new to the combat system for Wizard101. The Best BGMs imo come from the Musical Artist, Blackmore's Night. Examples: Ice Gamebreaker could use the BGM "Ivory Tower", Myth Gamebreaker could use "Keeper of the Flame", Death Gamebreaker could use "Cartouche", Life Gamebreaker could use "Faerie Queen", etc.

Although I'm unsure of what certain class Gamebreaker Spells would function or even look like, the Death Gamebreaker Spell could function as a No-Exception, Instant Kill Card on 1 Target when you power up the Gamebreaker Spell to Max. Life's Gamebreaker Spell would function as a Grandiose Heal and Protection for you and your allies, basically a Full Heal, plus 1000 Protected Armor, 3 -50 Protected Towers, and 3 +25% Incoming Heal Traps.

Oct 24, 2019
Third Round, here we go:

Loremaster Spells should be "Transmutable", this can be made as a Permanent Effect.
Example: Transmute "Brimstone Revenant" to Life, Transmute "Winter Moon" to Death, etc.

Somewhat "Spell Related", Players should be able to earn an extremely rare Mastery Amulet that lets Players utilize ALL school classes. This Amulet would NOT be tradable to low levels to promote fair gameplay and doesn't come with any additional stats/bonuses.
I once spied with my little eye, a "Loremaster Amulet", perhaps this could be legitimately obtainable when Loremaster's fight gets redone for Higher Level Characters?

Spellements should be allowed to be "disassembled" to create School-Based Reagents
Example: Leprechaun Spellements disassemble into quantities of Black Lotus, Jades, or Mist Wood, etc.
This could ALSO apply to "Dropped Spells" allowing Players to earn LARGE quantities of Reagents in exchange for the removal of a Dropped Spell, Example: Disassembling a Ninja Pigs would give the player Amber, Amber Dust, etc.

Pets should be able to "Morph" Provided Spells via Hatches
Example: Breeding an Emerald Beetle with an Enchanted Armament could allow your Emerald Beetle to receive the "Sharpened Blade" Spell at Baby.

~Group Cast Spells~
Group Cast Spells would allow Players to cast the same "Group Cast Spell" with the more Players casting the same spell, the better it's effect.
Examples: "Group Cast Dragonblade" - 1 Cast, Fizzle - 2 Cast, +20 Blade for Both Recipients - 3 Cast, +30 Blade for All Allies - 4 Cast, +40 Protected Blade for All Allies --- "Group Cast Pixie" - 1 Cast, Fizzle - 2 Cast, 375 Heal for Both Recipients - 3 Cast, 500 Heal for All Allies - 4 Cast, 525 Heal for All Allies, +15% Next Incoming Heal

~Ritual Spells~
Ritual Spells could function on the reliability of having all Ally Players casting the same Ritual Cast Spell on the same turn and then "feeding" the Ritual Spell what it "likes" to complete the Ritual and perform the "Ritual Cast's Effects", similar to "Shadow Beasts" and their Likes.
Example: Hamborger (Wysterian Pig Monster), 3-4 Pip, 4 Player Must Cast - Players Then Must Cast 10-15 Traps in 3 Turns (Multi Traps Count as More Than 1 Trap) - Upon Fulfillment, Hamborger hits All Enemies with 575-675 DMG, adds +25 Trap on All Enemies

The Following Loremaster Spells should receive Secondary Effects:
Goat Monk (Effect Cited in Post 2)
Ninja Pigs - Adds +25% Mythblade to Self
Samoorai - Adds +25% Elemental Blade OR Spirit Blade to Self
Ninja Piglets - Adds -25% Black Mantle on Enemy
Headless Horseman - Adds -25% Weakness on Enemy (You could add this effect to my Spellement Suggestion in Post 2)

The Following Spells should be added to the "Upgraded Loremaster Fight(s)" in the Future:
Cat Thug (Myth Version AND Balance Version)(Myth Version can be tweaked to 2 Pips, 175 DMG, -15% Mantle)
ALL the "Boiler Cards" - Kettleblack, Potboiler, etc.
Crystal Spider (Ice Spell Reworked to 4 Pips, 85% Accuracy, 375-425 Ice DMG, Adds 2 Stun Blocks to Self)
Death Seraph (Same Effect as Death TC, except 4 Pips and Infection being -35%)
Clockwork Spider (Same Effect as Balance TC)
Wildfire Treant (Same Effect as Fire TC)
Storm Beetle (Same Effect as Storm Spell/TC)
Fire Beetle (Same Effect as TC, Limit 1 PvP Only (Spellement Upgradeable to Limit 3 PvP Only))
Soulsapper (Same as Storm TC, except includes +10% Storm Accuracy Blade to Self and -15% Infection on Enemy)
Brown Spider (Same Effect as Life TC, one with Life DMG Bubble)

Ally Transfer Blade, Shield, Spear, etc. Spells should be Introduced.

Considering the Introduction of Turn Based PvP, the following Spells should be introduced and trainable via Diego the Duelmaster after achieving a certain Rank:
~Discard Jammer, Rank: Knight, 2 Pip (Universal) - Limit 2, Prohibits Opponent from Discarding until the End of Your Next Turn
~Draw Jammer, Rank: Captain, 2 Pip (Universal) - Limit 2, Prohibits Opponent from Drawing Cards until the End of Your Next Turn
~Discard/Draw Jammer, Rank: Warlord, 3 Pip (Universal) - Limit 1, Prohibits Opponent from Drawing Cards and Discarding Cards until the End of Your Next Turn
(Spells would not include Spellements as these Spells would already be very powerful)
(Spells such as my Suggestions previously for an Inflicting Aura that Prohibits Power Pip Gains, etc. should be added to Diego's List of Available Spells)

Shadow Spell TC should become Available, otherwise remove the Shadow Icon from the Bazaar's TC Section.

New Moon Polymorph Spells should be Added:
Polymorph Storm Qhat
Polymorph Fire Polar Bear (Officer)
Polymoprh Ice Kalamar
Polymorph Balance Wyrm
Polymorph Myth Khrysalis Mantis
Polymorph Death Djinn
Polymorph Life Catacomb Vanguard
Polymorph Moon Alien
Polymorph Star Knight
Polymorph Sun Angel
Polymorph Shadow Fiend

New Castle Magic should be Introduced including:
Day/Night Cycles - This could be the testing grounds for Day/Night Cycles in all of Wizard101's playable areas.
UFO Piggle - Summons a Piggle in a UFO, warps away after a few seconds
Reindeer Knight/Ratatoskr's Spin/Grendel's Amends/Hammer of Thor - Summons Their Respective Spell Animations

Beastmoon has Polymorphs with Spells so I'll include this suggestion:
There should be a Beastmoon Card Bundle for $39, that would include the "Beastmoon Observatory" House that comes with Multiple PvP Sigils to Play the Beastmoon Hunt in from the Comfortability of the Player's House with Friends or with Others via the "Public Castle Games" NPC, the Mystery Beast Machine Mount (50% Speed, 4 Player)(Mount being similar to the Mystery Machine from Scooby Doo, remaining Idle would have the Van Doors open with the Other 3 Passengers peeking out of the Car back and forth before closing the Door again), the Beastmoon Eaglet Pet (Comes with a Bonus Chest - Beastmoon Reagent Talent at Baby), Beastmoon Avian Set (Boosts Chances for Moonstones, Lunari, etc. during Beastmoon Events), and the Beastmoon High Chieftain Staff (Boost Chances for Beastmoon Reagents in Fishing Chests, Provides 5% Fishing Luck and 15 Energy, Tear Socket), also comes with an Additional House Elixir and a Choice of 5K Crowns/1 Month Membership.

The Deckathalon focuses on using Spells from your Side Deck, earning Reagents/Spellements/etc. so I'll include this Suggestion:
There should be a Deckathalon Card Bundle for $39, that would include the "Deckathalon Manor" House that comes with ALWAYS available Portals to the Different Types of Deckathalons available in the Game (These Portals and Deckathalon Instances would NOT feature the Leaderboard System (Therefore making the Deckathalon Trophies unavailable) and the Drop Rates for Reagents/Spellements/etc. would be reduced by 3x the normal amount)), the ShuffleDeck Mount (40% Speed, Single Player)(You'd ride the Top of the Deck of Cards like the Tanglewood Vine Mount as the Mount shuffles the Cards from the Top of the Deck you're riding on to the Bottom as you move, remaining Idle would have the Mount wobble up and down and you act like you're losing your balance), Joker Card Pet (Comes with a Bonus Chest - Deckathalon Runes Talent at Baby), Deckathalon Card Master Attire Set (Boosts Chances for Runes/Spellements during Deckathalon Events, usable in the Deckathalon Manor Instances), and the 64 Card Pick Up Wand (Literally a Small Stack of Cards as Your Wand, Boost Chances for Runes in Fishing Chests, Provides 10% Fishing Luck and 10 Energy, Tear Socket), also comes with an Additional House Elixir and a Choice of 5K Crowns/1 Month Membership.

Players should be able to purchase REAL LIFE Wizard101 Spell Cards from real life Booster Packs for $3.99 each OR obtain Full Series Sets for $29.99. There can be more than 1 Series of Cards as you could make Sets for Entire Story Arcs, Beastmoon Card Concepts, Side World Arcs, Treasure Cards, etc. This would allow people to live the fantasy of casting Wizard101 magic spells out in the real world, sort of. Imagine Wizard101 Card Tournaments and In Real Life Wizard101 Duels!

My Third Round, Final Idea:
~Custom House PvP Rules~
House PvP Sigils should allow the Home Owner to customize their own set of rules for incoming PvP players, including: Customizable Backgrounds, Customizable Match Types (Similar to Quick Match Tourneys/School Based Tourneys/etc.), Customizable Statistic Variables (Settings to Old Critical/Block Mechanics and New Heal Mechanics, New Mechanics Only, etc. (Anything in Between)), Customizable Pet Cast Chance Variables, Customizable Card Deck Limit, Customizable Card Limits, Customizable Stat Limits, Customizable Time Limits (Including House Owner - Victory Choice, Diego's Choice if Home Owner isn't around), Vote to Buff/Debuff Polls (Owner can create a House-Wide Poll allowing PvP Viewers to vote on Who in the Match would get a Stat Buff/Debuff), and Vote to Kick Polls (Owner can create a House-Wide Poll allowing PvP Viewers to vote on Kicking/DQing Players from the Duel).

This would allow Community Tournaments to be held more easily as it allows the Tournament Runners to utilize/force their own set of Custom Rules without forcing the Player to just socially "promise" to not go against the Tourney's Rules. This would also allow Players who've missed the old "RNG" days, like myself, to have a chance to relive their brightest times in PvP. This would allow Players to even TRAIN for upcoming PvP Tourneys or give New Players a chance to feel around some of the Older and Newer PvP Systems and see what they like more. This could open up possibilities of more thorough and understandable approaches to solving PvP's broken issues as it allows Developers and the Players to see how Spells function in any variety of PvP. This could allow some of the previously "No PvP" labelled Spells to return in a House PvP Only setting.

Oct 24, 2019
This could be my final post for this particular thread as it's getting extremely difficult to come up with original ideas, so here is my fourth take, let's go:

The Following Castle Magic Spells should be Added:
Clockwise/Counter Clockwise 180 Degrees
Turn Away From Me
Allow/Disallow Pets
Add PvP Sigil (Area Must Be Large Enough to Contain a PvP Sigil)(Allows Houses with No PvP Sigil to Shine)
Hail, Fog, Black Fog, Red Fog - (Weather Effects)
Dog, Cat, Chicken, Duck, Rat, Bird, Monkey, Squirrel - (Summons Animals that Disappear after a bit)
Cards Shuffling, Laughing Human (Man/Woman/Boy/Girl), Gobblervision Noises - (Sounds)
Djinn, Wizard, Wysterian Student - (Summons that would Disappear after a bit)
Make Item Interactable with Daily Reward - (Limit 1 per House, cannot be Redeemed more than Once a Day)(Rewards would range between Gold, Reagents, Treasure Cards, Pet Snacks, etc.)

The Castle Magic Spell, "Make Translucent", should be made to allow "Snowglobes", "Spring Globes", etc. to remain Active albeit the globe being invisible to the Player. (This feature would be kind of irrelevant considering the inclusion of the Advanced Moving System as you can just shove Globes underground but it's still worth adding for those who don't want to Move Items around)

The European Exclusive "Piggle Bundle" should be brought to the US Version of Wizard101 with the added inclusion of automatically granting the Bundle Redeeming Player their choice of 1 of the following Spells:
Ninja Pigs, Ninja Piglets, Pigsie, or Angry Snowpig
The Bundle would cost around $25 considering the Inclusion of Granted Spells.
Stretching this a bit but, Additional Bundles like the Piggle Bundle should be developed, we appreciate the Mount Bundles and Pet Bundles but we want some variety with what a Bundle contains. Mount/Pet Bundles, aren't really "Bundles" to me, more like "Packages". The Piggle Bundle above could be a GREAT start into dipping your toes into the waters of "Variety Bundles" and "Bundles that Grant Spells"
Steam Players should receive a little love/support, perhaps a Bundle exclusive to Steam that would grant Players a LARGE assortment of Starter Items including: 2500 Crowns, 2500 Gold, 7 Day Free Membership Trial/Elixir, Starter Class Bundle (Same Ones as Offered In Crown Shop, Choice of 1 Set), Blue Cyclops Pet (Since the Origins of Obtaining This Pet have since been Retired) or the Ravenwood Piggle Pet, 5 Random Pet Snacks, 5 Random Reagents, 1 Random Jewel, 1 Random Housing Item,
and to make this relevant to Spell Suggestions, an automatic upgrade of your Classes Beginning Spell! (Imp, Dark Sprite, Firecat, etc., Choice of 1) This Bundle can only be redeemed ONCE per Account and would cost $25.

To add onto the 2 suggestions above whether these below be Steam Exclusives or otherwise, Ill suggest the following $25 Bundles be added to Wizard101:
Wizard City Explorer Bundle - Ravenwood Piggle Pet, Elvin Attire, Towny Ram Mount, Dandelion and Orange Dandelion Seeds (x1 each), Tapestry to The Commons plus a Tapestry to the Bazaar, Customizable Chalkboard, and Wizard City Based Spellements (Rank 2 Spells)

Krokotopian Prophet Bundle - Royal Ibis Pet, Genie Garments Set, Bruin Ram Mount, 2 Red Bell Pepper Seeds, 1 Orange Bell Pepper Seed, Tapestry to the Oasis, Bricked Well, Framed Dig Site Photo and Krokotopian Based Spellements (Rank 3 Spells)

Marleybonian Swindler Bundle - Wolfhound Pet, Swindler Wear Set, Pennyfarthing Mount, Bread Fruit Bush x5, Tapestry to Regent's Square plus a Tapestry to Kensington Palace, a Blue Wall Tapestry, and Marleybonian Based Spellements (Rank 4 Spells)

Mooshu Roamer Bundle - Samoorai Pet, Samurai's Armor Set, Chestnut Pony Mount, Laugh-O-Dil Seeds (x1 Each), Tapestry to the Jade Palace, Great Moodha Statue, and Mooshu Based Spellements (Rank 5 Spells)

Dragonspyre Wanderer Bundle - Draconian Knight Pet (Grants Dragonblade at Baby, Bonus Gold in Chest in Talent Pool), Snap Dragon Gardening Seeds (All Varieties, x1), Overlord Set, Dragon Wings Mount, Tapestry to the Basilica, Regal Dragon Statues, a Dragon Wall Bust, and Dragonspyre Based Spellements. (Rank 6 Spells)

I'd love to see some Pirate101 Themed Spells be added to Wizard101, alongside everything else beyond Spell Ideas from Pirate101 like Assets, Characters, Worlds, Areas, etc. be added to Wizard101.

I'd love to see some Kingsisle Mobile Game Themed Spells be added to Wizard101, alongside everything else beyond Spell Ideas from the Mobile Games like Assets, Characters, Worlds, Areas, etc. be added to Wizard101.

Wearing Negative Speed Mounts (Away from Dungeons/PvP) should also make your Spells cast "slower" in Battles.

Castle Magic Spells should be instantly attachable to Housing Items, consider it a "Revision to Castle Magic" and an addition to the "Advanced Housing System". I know this destroys the concept of "Magical Player Detectors" and "Magical Computers" but wouldn't you want Castle Magic to be even MORE User Friendly and enticing for Players to want to use? This could draw more Players to go see Babbage Bassett for More Spells and More Ways to add Housing Style.

Monstrology should have its Lore expanded upon via Quests available through Monstrologist Burke.
Where did the Art of Monstrology come from? Why is Monstrology so expansive? How can we know more about extracting Monstrology from Enemies? Is Monstrology safe for Humans?

Music in the Game should be "Editable", perhaps via Musical Pieces/Spellements? Music Spellements could allow us to take "Broken Instruments" from all over the Spiral and make them New again! Music Spellements could even allow us to take already existing Musical Instruments and add more "layers to them" to create Musical Masterpieces! These Spellemental Created Masterpieces could even be used to replace the typical Wizard101 battle themes used in-game whilst you're on your journey.

My Fourth Take, Final Suggestion:
~Photomancy Spellements~
Photomancy Spellements would allow Players to earn Spellements that could be used to improve Player's Photomancy abilities even further such as including: Filters, Additional Text Options, Additional Decal Options, Animated Photography, Inject/Splice Photography, Distanced Photography, and Audiographic Photography.
~Filters could allow Photos to be more immersive and provide illusory details to some drab and boring Photos.
Perhaps a Filter to turn something that was seen in the Night to something that was seen during the Day? Perhaps a Filter to make something look like it came from "long ago"? Perhaps a Filter to make your Wizard that much more "Kawaii"? Anything is possible with some Filter Magic!
~Additional Text Options could give our texting flavor some "pizzazz", perhaps the addition of a Color Wheel instead of set-defined colors? Perhaps some Rainbow Text for all the colorful brothers and sisters? Perhaps some fancy text like this or this? Perhaps some Cursive Text to throw off your future Grandchildren into thinking it's Ancient Egyptian Caligraphy? More Text Options, More Fun!
~Additional Decal Options could give our Photos some extra "glamor", perhaps additional "player" characters? Where is our support for the Life, Storm, and Balance Boys? Where is our support for the Ice, Fire, Death, and Myth Girls? Where is our Myth, Death, Balance, and Storm Teachers? Where is our favorites Ambrose, Gamma, Diego, etc.? Pets should also be further expanded upon and new Decals should be made: Red Xs, Panda Ears, Giraffe Ears, Rainbow Unicorn Wigs, Anime "Blush" Decals, House Icons, Gear Icons, Music Decals, Beastmoon Decals, Deckathalon Decals, Derby Decals, Static Speech Bubbles, and more! The possibilities are endless!
~Animated Photography, ever wanted your Pictures to come to life? Animated Photography can do just that! Animated Characters can be added to any still photo like an NPC walking by whistling their favorite tune, a Pet that jumps for joy knowing you're a really good photographer, an Enemy beckoning you to fight it, and you could add so much more! Animated Photography would be saved on your Computer as a GIF file and can be shared to others! Neat!
~Inject/Splice Photography could allow Players to better hide things in their Photos. What's that Piggle doing over there peeking behind the bush? What's the Dragon looking at behind the Tower? Is that a Firecat in Falmea's Pocket or is she just happy to see me? (She is definitely not happy, she is wondering what I'm doing in her office bothering her about my Spell Ideas) You could make your photos more immersive with a little splicing and touching here or there!
~Distanced Photography could allow Players to take Photos from far away! Something catch your eye, quick snap it! Experienced Photomancy Players would unlock this ability after completing Hubbard Gardiner's Quests, allowing players to Zoom In and Out, defining an object whilst blurring sounding objects out or just the opposite. A strong vision can open the mind and creativity to many things!
~Audiographic Photography can allow Players to add their favorite jingles/sounds to Photos and create some truly moving and inspiring Photographs/Clips. Perhaps a Christmas Jingle whilst you sit near a campfire in your Winter Wind Tower? Perhaps some Spooky Ambiance to add some Frightening Flavor whilst exploring the vast expanses of Darkmoor? Perhaps some Leprechaun Gibberish while you're finding the Leprechaun's Pot of Gold in Unicorn Way? Perhaps some "Musical Spellement" flare as you sit next to Ambrose in his Office? Audiographic Photographs would be saved on your Computer as an MP4 File and can be shared to others! Cool! (Audiographic Photographs in nature are "short" therefore it wouldn't take a LOT of space on your Computer)

Oct 24, 2019
Who'd have thought it, I'm back for a 5th Post on this Thread! With the introduction of Community/Dev Q&A Streams, allow me to throw my hat into the mix whenever a "Spells/Spellements" Q&A comes around!

With that in mind, let's dive in:

The Following Spells should become Trainable/Added to the Game:
Variations of Critical Boosting Blades - (Similar to those seen on Halstrom's Eureka Hat)
Variations of Block Boosting Shields
Variations of Critical/Block "Weaknesses" or "Dispels"
Mega Cleanse Charm - Removes All Weaknesses on Target, Limit 1 (Spellemental Upgrade to Limit 3)
Triple Class Shields - (Similar to the TC versions, except being -25% and Limit 3)
"Detective Discard" - Allows the Caster to Discard 3 Cards from their Opponent's Hand, Limit 1 (Spellemental Upgrade to Limit 3)(Cards are INVISIBLE UNLESS Caster has already May Casted, Spy)
"Attract"/"Mega Attract" Spell - Forces Target(s) to Attack the Caster ONLY for One Round, Limit 3
"Repulse"/"Mega Repulse" Spell - Forces Target(s) to NOT Attack the Caster for One Round, Limit 3
"Tick Tacker" - Adds a Round of Extra DMG to Existing DMG DoTs, Opposite of "Cooldown"
"BiZaRrE" - Field Spell that has a VARIETY of effects per Turn including Turn Order Swapping, Cards Become Randomly Discarded without your Control, Pips Removed or Not Gaining, Damage Decreased by 15%, Resist Decreased by 15%, Accuracy Decreased by 10%, Critical and Block Decreased by 25%, Heal Boosts Decreased by 25%, etc.

The Following Fishing Spells should be Added (Alongside Corresponding Fish):
Lesser Sun, Moon, Star, Shadow Lures
Minor Sun, Moon, Star, Shadow Lures
Common Sun, Moon, Star, Shadow Lures
Winnow Sun, Moon, Star, Shadow Fish
Winnow Sentinels 1 and 2
Rank 4 Fishing Lures (Including Winnow Rank 4 Fish)

Something yet to be added to my Thread, Personally Designed Ideas for Newer Spells. Let's begin with some Rank 12 Spells:
Storm - Captain Magnetica - Female Storm Ship Captain of the Spiral's Skies, Raining Lethal Varieties of Thunderbolts from Above, Inspired by Pirate101 Aesthetics
1375 Storm DMG, 125 Storm DMG DoT on All Enemies
Fire - Kat-Ana Panda - Female Cat/Panda Hybrid from Mooshu with a Lethal Katana (Thrusts the Katana in the Air, causing Fire to Rain from Above)
1325 Fire DMG on All Enemies, 125 Heal Overtime to Self
Ice - Glacier Symphonia - Variety of Musical Glacier Chunks that fall from the Sky, raining a Musical Symphony on your Enemies
1275 Ice DMG on All Enemies, Stun All Enemies for 1 Round, 2 -25% Shields to Self
Balance - Equilibrius Phantastica - Esteemed Pigswick Scholars casting Magically Painful Knowledge Specters on your Enemies
1275 Balance DMG on All Enemies, +25% Dragonblade on All Allies, +25% Elemental OR Spirit Shield to Self
Life - Zander - Zander uses Telepathy to communicate to the World's Life Users to rain down some "Life Justice" on your Enemies
1250 Life DMG on All Enemies, 500 Heal Overtime for All Allies, 250 Armor to Self
Myth - Beat King, Legendary Empyrean Beastman King of Beatboxing showers your Enemy with his Explosively Painful Beatboxing skills via a Carried-In Mega Stereo
1325 Myth DMG on All Enemies, Confusion on All Enemies 2 Rounds, +15% Myth Trap on All Enemies
Death - Muerto Serenada - Beautiful Female Muerto Serenading your Enemies into a Painful, Deathly Slumber
1375 Death DMG on All Enemies, Darkness Stun on All Enemies for 2 Rounds (Medusa-like Stun that prohibits the Enemy from seeing anything until the Darkness Stun has expired, in PvP this would make Enemy Players unable to Cast Spells or see what's happening, in PvE this can create some unique workarounds to Enemy Cheats (Cheats can be then Added that block "Darkness Stuns", like "You may shut my Eyes but I can still see you", meaning the Darkness Stuns are ineffective), <5% Chance of Enemy Instant Kill (Bosses are Immune)

The Scion of Death spell should have it's Damage increased to 1150 as it's an 11 Pip Spell.

With the revisions to the UI Changes, I LOVE seeing the Spells from Jewels/Gear in a new Small Boxed Icon, HOWEVER there is still room for improvement...
Why not let us see a small "description" of what these Spells are when you hover over them?
This would eliminate the need for a "Spells" section when looking at Gear, allowing just the Set Adjustments to remain.

With the inclusion of Adventure Talents, there should exist the following "Spell"/"Spellement" related Talents:
Fire Hunter - Finds Rare Fire TC
Ice Hunter - Finds Rare Ice TC
Death Hunter - Finds Rare Death TC (Perhaps the return of Lifebane?)
Myth Hunter - Finds Rare Myth TC (Perhaps the return of "Removed" Monstrology Summon TC, including newer Monstrology Summon Additions for Bosses that were One-Timers?)
Moon Hunter - Finds Rare Moon TC (Moonblades, Moontraps, etc.?)
Sun Hunter - Finds Rare Sun TC (Sunblades, Suntraps, etc.?)
Star Hunter - Finds Rare Star TC (Starblade, Startraps, etc.?)
Shadow Hunter - Finds Rare Shadow TC (Shadowblades, Shadowtraps, etc.?)
Spiritual Retriever - Finds Death, Myth, and Life Spellements
Balanced Retriever - Finds Balance Spellements
Astral Retriever - Finds Moon, Star, and Sun Spellements
Shadow Retriever - Finds Shadow Spellements

With the introduction of the Monthly Calender, the Game should list and offer increased Drop Rates for Spells/Spellements dropped in Loremaster, etc. for the Entire Month.
January - Angry Snowpig
February - Winter Moon
March - Pigsie
April - Ninja Piglets
May - Catalan
June - Brimstone Revenant
July - Hephaestus
August - Keeper of the Flame
September - Savage Paw
October - Headless Horseman AND Deer Knight
November - Samoorai AND Goat Monk
December - Reindeer Knight AND Krampus

Monstrology should have it's own Event, namely the "Monster (S)Mash".
(Revision Bracket included since doing a quick search seemed to indicate that the "Monster Mash", inspired by a song, is Copyright (Maybe))
~Monstrologists would be able to earn Points for obtaining a set number of Animus, collecting a piece of Animus from Each of the Spiral's Worlds once a day (Excluding Dungeons, Four Tales/Catacombs Side Ventures, INCLUDES Grizzelheim/Wintertusk, Wysteria, Aquila), creating Monstrology TC, creating Monstrology Housing Guests, and (To Start, until about the 2nd/3rd Event) learning Monstrology Spells via Monstrologist Burke in the Worlds of the Spiral (This would NOT count towards achieving the Maximum Event Rewards, this would just quicken the pace to the Maximum Rewards for the First Few Events before being Removed).
~What rewards should be included you may ask?
Rewards could include: Monstrology Summon TC, Monstrology Guests, Monster (S)Mash Exclusive Spells (Extract Kalamar, Extract Trash, etc.), Crafting Reagents, Gold, Stitched Gears/Wands, and MORE!

My final suggestion for the 5th post of my Thread:
~Monstrology Updates and Upgrades~
Monstrology Summons have become a vital part of those who partake in Monstrology Extracting.
What if we could make it better? What if we could make it worth participating in Monstrology, beyond having a Monstrology based Event (See Above)?
~Typically, when extracting Animus from Enemies you fight in the Game, you must have 20 or so Animus to make a Single Summon TC. What if we could be given discounts of Animus needed to make larger amounts of those TC? Perhaps by a "crafting ladder" that that more you've crafted, the more "experienced" in crafting you'll be with the TC that you discover "shortcuts" to making the TC? Perhaps the "Crafting Ladders" could be diverse enough to allow "Shortcuts" AND include other perks and quirks to the Summon TC (Less Pip Cost to Cast, Different Class Types, etc.?) like...
~What if we could also adjust what COMES OUT OF those TC? Perhaps Gobbler Scavengers that hold only Death Spells? Perhaps Lost Souls that have the nuclear power of 1000 Malistaire the Undyings (No PvP, of course)? Perhaps summoning some Rogue Kalamar Mobs for One Pip? Summoning Monstrology Creatures that're not locked into 1 Only (We're onto you Myths...)? Maybe even Transmuted Monsters, like who wouldn't love seeing a Fire Elf mixed with a Dark Fairy! (Only me? ... Ok) Perhaps we can create some freakish monsters that would even make the Trash Mobs in Catacombs look like Adorable Kittens (No, it's ok "Sir Pebbles" the Litter Critter, you're ALWAYS adorable. You definately need a bath though...)?
It could all happen with Monstrology Upgrades!

Oct 24, 2019
Sixth Post, Yeehaw! Let's get it:

Blades (All Varieties) and Shields should allow Players to give unneeded Blades/Shields to Allies at the cost of the Blades/Shields Power. (Example: Player Casts "Elemental Blade" but decides to give their Fire Blade to a Fire Ally, that Fire Blade is shifted to the Fire Ally but becomes 17.25%)

Adding onto my Last Post and my Last Idea, I'll share some new Combo Blade and Shield Suggestions:
Storm - Zaptacular
Adds a 25% Stormblade, 10% Storm Pierce Blade, 50% Storm Shield
Fire - Flametacular
Adds a 25% Fireblade, 10% Fire Pierce Blade, 50% Fire Shield
Ice - Frostacular
Adds a 25% Iceblade, 10% Ice Pierce Blade, 25% Ice Shield, 25% Tower Shield
Elemental - Elementacular
Adds a 12.5% Stormblade/Fireblade/Iceblade, 12.5% Elemental Spear Set, 25% Elemental Shield Set
Balance - Symtacular
Adds a 25% Balanceblade (Balance DMG, Not Universal), 10% Balance Pierce Blade (Balance Pierce, Not Universal), 50% Balance Shield
Life - Vitacular
Adds a 25% Lifeblade, 10% Life Pierce Blade, 25% Incoming Heal Trap, -25% Life Shield
Myth - Mythtacular
Adds a 25% Mythblade, 10% Myth Pierce Blade, 50% Myth Shield
Death - Deathtacular
Adds a 25% Deathblade, 10% Death Pierce Blade, 50% Death Shield
Spirit - Spiritacular
Adds a 12.5% Lifeblade/Mythblade/Deathblade, 12.5% Spirit Spear Set, 25% Spirit Shield Set
Moon - Moontacular
Adds a 25% Moonblade, 10% Moon Pierce Blade, 50% Moon Shield
Sun - Suntacular
Adds a 25% Sunblade, 10% Sun Pierce Blade, 50% Sun Shield
Star - Startacular
Adds a 25% Starblade, 10% Star Pierce Blade, 50% Star Shield
Astral - Astraltacular
Adds a 12.5% Moonblade/Sunblade/Starblade, 12.5% Astral Pierce Blade Set, 25% Astral Shield Set
Shadow - Shadowtacular
Adds a 25% Shadowblade, 10% Shadow Pierce Blade, 50% Shadow Shield
Next, I'll share some New Spell Suggestions that correspond to In-Game Events:
Paradox Jumper - Based off of FIVE Boxes - 5 Pip, 575 DMG Myth Spell, Confuses Enemy for 1 Round
(Recognizable Red Telegraph Box suddenly warping onto the Field, afterwards a range of different types of Characters jump out of the Box one by one and trample over the Enemy as they run by away from the Field)

Lost Flounder - Based off of Lost Pages - 5 Pip, 675 DMG Storm Spell, Adds 15% Weakness on Enemies
(Surroundings turn into an underwater aesthetic similar to the Celestian Beastmoon Arena and a Box appears in the Middle of the Field that reads "Lost N' Found", an adorable "Lost Page" Flounder pops out of the box only to then bare its teeth and rip a new one into the Enemy like a Piranha)

64 Card Pickup - Based off of the Deckathalon - 5 Pip, 500 DMG All Enemy Balance Spell
(Player moves from their Battle Position to the Middle and proceeds to do a "Magic Trick" by taking their Deck of Cards, throwing them into the Air and the Cards magically turning into sharp, painful cards and hitting your opponents from every direction, before your Player bows and returns to their spot)

Artemis New Moon - Based off of Beastmoon - 3 Pip, 375 DMG All Enemy Moon Spell
(Artemis New Moon comes in the same way that Athena Battle Sight does, excepting causing mayhem to all enemies with lethal Moon Damage)

Barker's Pet Parade - Based off of the Pet Promenade - 5 Pip, 500 DMG All Enemy Life Spell
(Milo Barker is summoned to the Middle of Field where he blows a whistle and begins a Parade with a variety of Pets that trample over the player as Barker marches his feet up and down twirling a baton, before ending the Parade with a bow and disappearing)

Housing Whirlwind - Based off of the Spiral Showcase - 3 Pip, 425 DMG Star Spell
(Whirlwind of Various Items whips by and hits the Enemy with Items including a Spellbook, a wand, a couple of Pets, a Broom Mount, a Bookshelf, a Bed, a Desk, some Pots, a Stool, a Ravenwood Banner, and Simeon (Cuz why not?))

Scroll Storm - Based off of the Scroll of Fortune - 5 Pip, 625 DMG Fire Spell, Stuns and Confuses Enemy for 1 Round
(Players begin to look up in the sky as a Red Swarming Cloud hovers overhead before it rains down LITERAL scrolls upon the unsuspecting enemy)

Next, I'll list some new 3 Pip Shadow Spell Suggestions:
Storm - Jay Strongbolt - (Storm Tribesman from (Jaki Whisperwind's World) that shoots Piercing Electric Bows at the Enemy)
775 Damage No Resist, Stun Enemy for 1 Round
Fire - Yung Dragon - (Hip Hop Dragon from the Undergrounds of Avalon that spits painful Fire bursts at the Enemy)
725 Damage No Resist, 25% Fire Trap on Enemy
Ice - Tundra Clap - (Frozen Tundra Carp from Wintertusk that comes out of a Frozen Lake to lay the smackdown on your Enemy)
675 Damage No Resist, 15% Weakness on Enemy
Balance - Elemental Mariachi and Spiritual Mariachi - (Mariachi Bands based on the Eye Pets that cause Musical Mayhem on your Enemy)
200 Balance Damage No Resist, 175 Elemental DMG (Elemental Mariachi) or 175 Spirit DMG (Spiritual Mariachi)(Secondary DMG totals 525 DMG), grants Player 15% Elemental Surge for 4 Rounds (Elemental Mariachi) or 15% Spiritual Attunement (Spiritual Mariachi)
Life - Witches Cauldron - (Giant Cauldron that drops from an Avalonian Tower after a Witches Brew goes haywire and lands on the Enemy)
625 Life Damage, -15% Health Trap and -15% Health Infection on Enemy
Myth - Gorgon's Eye - (Rogue cluster of the Gorgon's Hair of Snakes that seeks to stone your soul into submission with it's wicked gaze)
700 Myth Damage, Stun for 2 Rounds
Death - Macabre's Call - (Evil Macabre Bird in a Doctor's Mask who produces a powerful enough squawk that renders your soul a void)
725 Death Damage, Guardian Spirit Dispel, -10% Healing Infections x3 on Enemy
(Guardian Dispel would forbid anyone else from using Guardian Spirit on the affected Player, rendering their Soul "Voided" if they are defeated in battle)

Next, I'll list some new Field Spell Suggestions:
Storm - Tentacular Doom
Storm Field that Boosts Storm Pierce and Storm Accuracy by 10%, Strengthens the Spells Tempest/Kraken/Catch of the Day by 10%
Fire - Pyrotic Requiem
Fire Field that Boosts Fire Pierce and Fire Accuracy by 10%, Strengthens the Spells Krampus/Hephaestus/Brimstone Revenant by 10%
Ice - Glacier Ruin
Ice Field that Boosts Ice Pierce and Ice Accuracy by 10%, Strengthens the Spells Blizzard/Ice Wyvern/Reindeer Knight by 10%
Balance - Equal Moira
Balance Field that Boosts Balance Pierce and Balance Accuracy by 10%, Strengthens the Spells Judgement/Samoorai/Spectral Blast by 10%
Life - Vitae Demise
Life Field that Boosts Life Pierce by 10% and Life Damage by 5%, Strengthens the Spells Goat Monk/Sacred Charge/Centaur by 10%
Myth - Mythos Verdict
Myth Field that Boosts Myth Pierce and Myth Accuracy by 10%, Strengthens the Spells Cyclops/Minotaur/Keeper of the Flame by 10%
Death - Necro Kismet
Death Field that Boosts Death Pierce and Death Accuracy by 10%, Strengthens the Spells Deer Knight/Wraith/Lord of Night by 10%

My final suggestion for my 6th Post for this thread: More Spell Ideas! It's honestly cause I'm running out of ideas, sorry not sorry. Here are those suggestions:
Dragon Belch - 200 Universal Damage, 2 Pips
(Doodle Version of a Dragon Pet spawns in the Middle before the Cartoon Dragon seemingly freezes in place, before the camera zooms closer into the dragon's mouth opening wider as rumbling is heard (Happens 3 times in quick succession) before the Dragon lets out a high pitched "Ahhp!" with a smile and a Belch Bubble floats, pops and hits the Enemy) (Dont tell me you wouldn't laugh when you see this, we have a barfing Humongofrog and a farting Gobbler in Wizard101)
Doug Dynamite - 350 Universal Damage, 3 Pips
(Doodle Doug is spawned to the Middle of the Field as he fumbles around his large pointy hat and pulls out a box of dynamite, throwing it in front of the Enemy and exploding the Dynamite in a toon-like fashion with the word "Pow!" in a Spiky Bubble and Black Smog around it. Doug is then panned to laughing at the Enemy, before disappearing)
Gamma's Whirlwind - 525 Universal Damage, 4 Pips
(Gamma is spawned to the Middle of the Field as he readies himself by winding his wings back before flinging them forward and a massive twisting whirlwind hits the Enemy)
Diego Lunge - 675 Universal Damage, 5 Pips
(Diego is spawned to the Middle of the Field with his trademark "Ha Ha!" before gearing himself up and lunging quickly and poking the Enemy with his Sword with a toon-like "Doink!" sound effect before finally bowing out)