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spell spam come join the topic

Dec 02, 2014
this topic is to post and give feedback on spell ideals if you got a spell ideal come join the topic

have to beat a boss hidden in sands of time
level 115
4 pips
spell name time freeze
affect all enemy player shields get hit by a frozen affect then break then reform but two are missing the two shield from each enemy player is now on the ice wizard that cast the spell ice school only spell

have to collect 15 voodoo dolls threw the spiral
level 112
spell name link
6 pips
affect it links you to a 1 enemy player on the enemy side for now on anything done to you for the next 3 round affects them to but remember the damage is dived 75% to enemy player and 35% to yourself this also goes for healing or any kind of arena affect
looks like basically tiny dolls hugging you and enemy.

have to fined 3 golden hidden boss keys to give to your teacher no quest arrow for this
level 114
name sun burn
4 pips
affect 1 traps would be place on one enemy player but until it is attack 3 times the trap dose not go away and the trap is 35% damage and cannot be removed but cannot be stack with another sun burn even if it a pet spell or tc
looks like a fire trap with the number 3 on it

have to go get the heart of the helephants that you broke to create this spell
level 120
cost 6 pips
name clock work
affect is it will reset 3 round of the battle when casted meaning any hit damage traps or blades that were cast in those round get taken away and the health to both enemy and teammates get restored to what ever there health was on the 1 round of the battle.
looks like everything done backwards

name third eye
you have to capture with monstorolgy 3 banshee
level 115
cost x pip
summons a boss monstorgoly monster into battle more pips stronger it will be myth only spell shadow pips counts no pvp
looks depends on how pip givens

name thunder strike
you have to go to water work battle to the forth switch to get the storm stone you need to make the spell
level 119
cost 8 pips
affect destroy blades on one enemy player dose 300 damage per blade on that enemy.
looks like flashing lighting bolt crashing down on the person

Dec 02, 2014