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Spell Idea

May 29, 2013
Spell Idea posts have been done to . However, I think these would be useful. At least, semi-useful, so here goes:
We all know the useless move Taunt. Why don't we revamp it to some PvP use, a diversion spell for more than just anti-minion use. How? Here is the base idea
  • When a someone casts Taunt, the next spell cast by the target hits the caster, regardless of the intended target.
Obviously this would only apply to Single Target attacks. I'm still thinking about it. The spell would be useless in 1v1, but it could have some use in Team Play. Here's an altercation idea of the base idea. This would make it potentially helpful for the caster, instead of just taking all the damage

  • The spell would also affect Single target heals and shields. If a player casts something like Rebirth, the taunt will have no effect

That'll make the Minotaur Minion and Storm Minion a lot more useful, and will give them a harassment role, instead of being there on the PvP field for the lolz. Since Ice is made to take hits and be a diversion, it should be special somehow. Ice has 4 taunt moves: 1) Distract: Single Target Taunt. 2) Mega Distract: Single Target Big Taunt. 3) Taunt: Hit all Taunt. 4) Mega Taunt: Hit all Big Taunt. With these 4 moves, it needs to be something special
  • The normal taunts would just affect the next spell, while the Mega versions would affect the next attack spell. If the mechanic is made to last until the end of the turn, the Mega versions would affect the next attack spell, instead of just ending like that

To keep this from being OP, I offer this:
  • Drop the Accuracy of Mega Taunt to 60%. I mean, come on, you're forcing an entire team to target you.

Finally, since the Mega taunts are X ranked, it wouldn't be fun to throw all your pips into a taunt, so I offer this

  • Make Mega Distract (single hit) 3 pips, and the Mega Taunt (Hit all) 5 or 6 pips

If you didn't understand a thing this post is saying, basically it'll (for a turn, or for an attack) do the same thing in PvP as in PvE....... make spells target you. However, to make it potentially helpful to the user, it'll also affect Shields and Heals. It'll drop the X rank and turn into 3 pips for Single Target and 5 or 6 for Hit All

Honestly, I don't see this being implemented, but it's worth it to hear how you think about the idea. Good? Bad? Horrible? OP?