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Specialized PvP

May 07, 2009
This would be a new category of PvP that will altar Wizard101 in a fun way. Special PvP will include different gamemodes. This is what I've come up with.
8-player Free For All:
Battle against 7 other wizards in a hectic battle for victory.
- 3-8 Wizards all fighting eachother, only one wizard can be crowned the victor
- Turns will rotate. If you get the first turn, next round you'll get the last turn and the person who went second on the first round will then go first in the second round.
Boss Battle:
5-player gamemode where 4 wizards go head to head with a boss from the spiral and another play takes the role of the boss.
- One player will be selected to be a boss depending on the level of opposing players. The player playing as the boss will get the same stats, cheats, appearance, and spells of the boss it is mimicking and it CAN be accompanied by minions.
Sponsored Battle:
1v1-4v4 gamemode where spectators get a set amount of currency(used just for this gamemode) that they can use to gift battling players treasure cards, stat boost potions, pips, etc.
- Spectators will have a menu in which they can select which team they are rooting for and then gift players from that team with 1 of 3 possible options that round.
- Amount of currency spectators receive will deplete the more spectators there are.
- There will be a 10 second interval before planning rounds for spectators to gift players.