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Special Attacks

Sep 06, 2011
Alongside you getting your level 28 spell,your teacher also gives you a runic amulet,saying they found it and it might be of use to you,although i would get the advice of a experienced traveller and a duel master,saying no names.First,talk to Zeke in WC,saying that he has seen a few around the spiral,and knows of their potential,but not how to use it.Talk to Diego in WC,and he will give you a tutorial on special attacks.Each school has a unique attack,and each with their own animation and kind of ability,and the ability to add on an effect.First off:
Fire)Lava Sling.The wizard comes down onto a island of cooled magma in a sea of lava,raises 2 magma pillars criss-cross,then slings them at the enemy,dealing 600 points of damage across 3 rounds to all enemies
Ice)Glaciation.The wizard enters the battlefield of ice,absorbs all ice mana,then unleashes it all at once,stunning all enemies and giving all allies a -40% tower shield x 2
Storm)Power Flux.The wizard is on the centre of the battlefield,drawing a lightning bolt from everything,lets it charge around him for a second,then releases it,taking all positive blades from the enemy and giving them to allies,and taking all negative blades from allies and giving it to the enemies.
Life)Serenity.The wizard is in the centre sitting against a tree,playing a pan flute with animals gathered around them,after playing,the animals repeat the tune,healing all allies for 5000 health
Myth)Moment to Behold.Zeus,Poseidon,Athena,and Apollo gather around the wizard,then dissolve into the wizard,they then exert a massive amount of energy,breaking all shields on the enemies,then doing 500 damage to each
Death)Wrathful Return.The wizard rises out of a graveyard with a transparent look,stealing half of each enemies current health,then gives that much to each ally
Balance)Power Tinker.The wizard appears onto the battlefield in a ray of sun,holding crook and flail,blindfolded,facing the allies,they swing the flail,maxing out the pips for each ally,then make a guiding motion with the crook,making all non-power pips power pips
Now the add-on effects:in Krokotopia,there is fire,ice,storm,and balance,and in mooshu,there is life,death,and myth trainers,for a hefty price(150k-200k)at level 50,they can add on an effect to your special attack
Fire:fire trap x3,Ice:absorb 400 damage,storm:25% blade-all,life:1000 health/3 turns,Myth:stun shields-all,death:600 dmg,Balance:+100 crit/pierce next hit-all
To use these you must charge them up the way to charge them is:
Fire,deal damage 30 times with Dot
Ice,be targeted with 50 offensive spells
Storm:use 50 offensive spells
Life:heal 35 times
Myth:break 55 shields
Death:use half-swaps 45 times
Balance:unsure,pass 30 times?

Sep 19, 2013
No. These are ridiculously OP. Just spam Ghoul a bunch and presto- An attack that halves the health of a boss. No, no, no.