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Some new ideas. Please Read This!!!

Jul 25, 2009
Hi i'm Kyle DragonBlood, and i got a level 48 life wizard.

I got some ideas for new spells and a new place and Some new pets.

New spells:
Life-Sunlight. Animation: First you see a sun, under it some trees, leafs flow of from the trees and hit The first enemy, then the second, then the third, then the fourth. (hit all spell(should be like Eighth pip spell?))

Death-Malistaire. Animation: Malistaire appearing in the field, draining 150 per pip, giving half to caster. (Eighth pip spell?)

Myth-Pig Army . Animation: Much ninja pigs appearing, throwing swords at First enemy, then at second, at third and then at fourth.(eighth pip spell again?)

Those are my Spell ideas, i dont got any better ideas for other schools!

New place: (i dont know a good name for it yet so no name)
How it looks: All normal people(so they cant cast spells(they dont believe in magic)) having trouble with monsters from the magic world that came to their world.
Last boss of it: Malorn?(student of death school teaching you level 1, 5, 8, 10, 16 spells(and quest spells))
Why Malorn send Monsters to the place:
He wanted to be just as good as Malistaire, so he became evil like him to gain as much power as him.

New pets for level 48!(some need replacing) :P

Death-Scarecrow(like it is now its good too(i love the wraith))

hope you read this long long post, hope you like the ideas. :D

Apr 29, 2009
nice ideas the world could be earth and it could have all our houses maybe it could be like new york with tall buildings and cars etc.

Name-Alex Silverblood

Dec 20, 2008
As a life wizard I would also like to replace the satyr pet we receive at Lvl 48. A centaur sounds good to me as well. If nothing else have the satyr stop dancing LOL. How am I supposed to look "cool" with a dancing goat following me around.? LOL

Thanks, Kieran

May 12, 2009
Kyle, about Sunlight, it sounds like a good idea, but don't you think if leaves hit the target, it has anything to do with the sun? What i saying is sunlight should be a healing spell that heal your whole team and do damage to other stats should look like this.

Sunlight 750 to friends 500 damage to opponent.
Like that.