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Some ideas

Aug 05, 2009
So, my first idea is a resturant. It cost gold and there sort of like elixirs. Like, here our the foods i made up and what they do and what they cost:

Spinach salad: 255 gold, refills all mana.

Carrot cake: 1000 gold, refills all health.

Animal shaped biscuits: 2000 gold, refills all pet energy.

Old chocolate frog: 4500 gold, 10%+ to all xp for next hour.

Full glass of wizardade: 4000 gold, refill all health, mana, and pet energy.

That was my resturant idea. My other one which i posted once in the past, is when you defeat a boss you have an option of putting it in a crystal holder. When you do this, you can automatically teleport to that boss.

Here is another idea i posted in the past. To be able to buy transformations you can equip and unequip.

Here another one. There would be a shop in the commons of every world for EXTRA powerful wands. in wc 65, kt 75, mb 90, ms 105, ds 115, cl 135. The gold cost is from 1000- 10000. To make these wands fair, when you use them to much, they break. You can buy a wand good for 10 battles, 30 battles, 50 battles, 100 battles, or 150 battles.
Tell me if you like these.

Jul 08, 2010
No on the wand idea. I have no desire to spend 10K for a wand to break after using it in a day.

Also, why spend gold for renewing mana or health? 15 seconds will refill health and you can refill mana for free at minigames (as well as gain some gold).

I do agree there should be some non crown way to refill pet energy besides leveling and waiting 10 min per point.

May 15, 2009
i would think wizardade would be about 20,000 or more
you need to calculate crowns to gold