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some ideas

Sep 11, 2009
fix the fizzeling to make it less likely to happen with class spells.
i have also noticed when in battles that the mobs with the same spell I have hit harder than my spell, is this a bug or how it is?
Maybe make some different unique pets for each class.. Ice really does not have one that I have seen yet and maybe a new school would be cool also.

Aug 12, 2009
Yes, the fizzling is especially bad when you only have the one attack spell in hand(as often shields, traps, etc. seem to show up more, at first, than attacks) and you are fighting 2-3 creatures and are doing this solo. They get to hit you 2-6 times before you even have another chance to hope for an attack spell to be in hand, cast it and then hope that it actually works!

Otherwise, maybe the OP here had a trap or blade used on that spell against them? Which, that, would make the enemy hit you harder than you can with the same spell. Or maybe when you used the spell they had a shield or extremely high resistance(if the creature was the same type as your spell?) Sometimes when in the heat of battle it is easy to miss something like that.