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Some housing ideas

Mar 19, 2011
New Dragonspyre house -
I was just doing the dragonspyre quest where I went to the past and I thought the surroundings looked amazing. It would be so cool if there was a house were you walked in, used the time stone machine and was then transported to your beautiful dragonspyre villa with rivers running through it and a view of the dragonspyre volcano.

A housing card pack -
Obliviously everything you get in the pack wouldn't be a house but rarely something like a desert villa might show up or if you're really lucky a school house or even a massive fantasy palace.

New school houses -
Don't get me wrong, I love the school houses but having new, fresh ones in the crown shop to look through and explore (maybe buy) would not be a bad idea in my opinion.

Please tell me your opinion if you're reading this.

Joshua Deathcaster lvl. 42

Mar 13, 2013
well I think we need more options when come to school houses because the old ones are kinda boring now at least swap them out once in while but plz plz bring in new school homes for use to choose from that we can buy with gold and crowns..........(notice I said "and" not "or") KI