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Solution to Sun Enchanted Treasure Cards

Jul 13, 2009
As mentioned in previous newsletters Sun Enchant Treasure Cards are going to be taken away from wizards all over the spiral. Although this idea saddens me, I've began thinking on ways we can fill this upcoming void for ALL levels. One way I've been thinking of is expanding the Mutate treasure cards. Right now, they are great for both pvp and pve. They provide extra damage, charms, traps and sometimes even at lower pip costs. As a wizard goes further up in levels, they get a chance to mutate higher level spells. Mutate Treasure Cards can be sold by the current treasure card vendors in their respective worlds and these mutates treasure cards sold will give wizards a chance to use spells that previously only mobs could use. (For example: Higher Level Spells: Storm Leviathan into Life Leviathan, Life's Forest Lord into Fire, Death, Myth, Ice etc or the Efreet variety Spells) (Example 2: Banshee into Myth Banshee or Life Treant into Myth Treant, Windstorm into SnowStorm, Sandstorm to Leafstorm)
Since they are treasure cards, there is more freedom and possibilities to create spells, especially ones that have secondary effects (like the ones we see in Beastmoon Hunt). I think this would be a great addition to the game in place of the Sun Enchanted Treasure Cards, it would add more life to pvp and pve.