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Solo Realm

Jun 27, 2011
Honestly how many people out there love wizard101and can't play often due to a bad internet connection. My idea is bring a solo realm to the game. Basically you can play without having to have internet. You won't be able to load areas you haven't been too but you can still play the game. In solo you could go anywhere in the spiral but there won't be any other people around. Doing certain battles won't be very easy solo but now they would be made easier if you were to try it solo. If you log into the game without a connection it won't go through the loading screen when you log in, it goes straight to the game. But in solo you can't switch directly to the live realm with other people because you would have to go through the loading screen I imagine. When in the live realm you would be able to switch directly to the solo realm. Certain battles would only be simplified if you were in the solo realm, if you were in the live realm and joined a tough battle solo it would be the same difficulty as a group battle. I could really use something like this because I have dealt with many connection issues, please leave comments and suggestions.

Sep 17, 2012
Not feasible and would cause really big security issues. If they ever did something like this it would have to be completely separate from the online game. Having offline play like this would just lead to too many ways to cheat the game. If you get rewards offline, it would have to report them to game once online to sync up. This is just too open to abuse.

Nov 22, 2015
The only problem is, would the progress you made in the solo realm also be made in the live one?

Feb 10, 2012
I don't think this is possible, because your character data wouldn't transfer between the two types of servers.