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Snowball throwing and minigame

Sep 05, 2010
I dunno if this has come up but what if there was some fun idea where you can throw snowballs at others? Just click on them and throw it. OR maybe you can have a total thing at the bottom that shows the times you've been hit and it could be showing your respect for someone. Like... Throw them at your friends as kindness and respect? I don't know.. Tell me what you think.

Then!! Maybe it could be a multiplayer game for the winter season.
Where you can throw snowballs in a maze ?My idea was being able to have like 5 players in a group and run around, hide behind bunkers, etc.

So all that it includes would be:
- 10 life bars (Goes down each time you are hit)
- Piles of snow everywhere like reagents in Wizard City (Maybe don't have to click on it or press x, just have to run over them and it refills)
- Maximum snowballs of 20 to carry
- 5 players
- Teams (Possibly)

Another way would be the same of setup to join like PvP
Teams wouldn't have to be 5, 2 vs 2, 1 vs 1, 3 vs 3, ETC.
Tell me what you think, or what is better

May 05, 2009
I like them both! Like if you have a party in your ice house you can play a friendly game of ice wars. Or build a snowman. Or Snow Angels!!