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Sleepy Hollow Pack

Sep 29, 2010
This is an idea that came to me a few months ago. The Legend of Sleep Hollow is one of my all time favorite stories, and the Headless Horseman is by far one of my favorite monsters. So I thought, why not think of a card pack for Wizard101 for Halloween.

This is what I have thought of so far

Head of the Headless Horseman:
Jack-o-lantern head with a scary face; glaring eyes, sharp teeth and the head is completely engulfed in blood red fire.

Armor of the Headless Horseman:
Blackish silver armor that is detailed to look like scary pumpkin faces. Arm greaves cover the forearms from the hands to the elbows. The greaves and chest plate are encrusted with rubies and the greaves are raging with blood red fire like the pumpkin head that goes with it

Boots of the Headless Horseman:
Blackish silver boots encrusted with rubies and have legs greaves that go from the feet to the knees. The leg greaves like the head and armor that go with it are engulfed in blood red fire.

Blade of the Headless Horseman:
A long silver blade with detailing on the blade that looks like thorny vines or roots and the handle is detailed with evil looking jack-o-lanterns. The sword, along with the armor it goes along with is engulfed in a blood red flame.

Steed of the Headless Horseman:
A large, black, fairly muscular horse that looks like something from the deepest parts of the fiery underworld. It's hooves, mane, eyes, tail and even is nostrils are completely engulfed in fire. Every time it breaths flames and smoke shoot from it's nostrils. And when it runs, dirt and fiery brimstone are kicked up behind it, and with each step and makes a powerful thundering thud. When it rears up, the rider waves whatever they're holding, whether it be a wand or a magical sword, it as if they were about to charge into battle.

Ichabod Crane's Hat:
A tan colored wide brimmed hat with a flat top and a small dark band around the head. It looks something like Bishop's hat from Pirate101 only the brim is much wider.

Ichabod Crane's Coat:
A black double-tailed button-up coat with a tan shirt worn underneath and a black bowtie

Ichabod Crane's Shoes:
A pair of black, slightly worn shoes with large shiny buckles across the tops.

Sleepy Hollow Hay Ride
A 3 person mount. The owner rides on the back of the horse, and two friends can ride in the hay filled wagon being pulled by the horse.

And like the Nightmare pack, this will include Halloween featured furniture, snacks, pets and reagents.

I couldn't include the stats for the gear because I don't have enough characters left. I hope you all like my idea for this pack.

~Wolf Nightbreeze~

Jun 15, 2013
Oct 24, 2010
I love this idea!! I hope they pay attention to this suggestion.