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Sky theme change!

Aug 15, 2009
This has giving me a need since i started decorating houses i bought but something got my attention. I notice the arcane builder bundle midday estate has different skies, i went on one that was like mine, simple normal sunlight, then I saw portal in that midday estate, i enter it and it send me to another midday estate but when i looked up, the sky was night I couldn't believe it, is this part of the bundle like, do we get a sky randomly or do we get the setting to change the sky I really need to know if this is a glitch or part of the bundle Thank you all for your answers

Jonathan Shadowstaff

Death wizard, master of death

May 17, 2009
Apparently there are 3 different houses from this bundle. On is the midday sky, another is a more orange glow in the sky and the last is a night sky. I wish KI would have let us know which was which when you bought the card or gave us the option of changing the sky. Pretty much you have to buy the card and hope you get the sky you want.