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Show items and percent of drop rate in CardPacks

Jun 05, 2015
I think it would be better if card packs showed you all the available items and the drop rate for each item. It would help the w101 community a lot too. Here are the reasons why this should be implemented.
  1. Similar to gambling: We do not know what is specifically in the card pack (unless you google it and that is too much of a hassle sometimes) and 100% do not know the chances of getting any item at all. This is similar to loot crates which are like gambling. Before any controversy starts, this should be fixed.
  2. Helps players to see what they're getting: Seeing what is inside a card pack and the chances of getting inside the card pack will help players decide what pack they want to get. If you want to get other packs other than the newest one, you will have to google and compare everything in each card pack but we do not even know the odds of getting a specific item. If this was added into the game, this will make life easier and save more time
  3. Not waste money: If you're able to see what you're getting, you will able to save and use your money/crowns on more useful and beneficial things. This will probably people spend more on the game, thus making money for wizard101.
  4. Amount of Players: It is very obvious that many players stopped playing wizard101 over time however some of these people have left because of the amount of money they put into this game and only to see it be wasted. This is quite upsetting and if this game starts to get a gigantic boost of active players (hopefully this is a really fun game and I want it to thrive much much longer), some of these players will leave due to this reason. Also, this might start problems with a mass amount of players arguing about how so much money is wasted because of this. No one wants to handle drama, especially when it will ruin their reputation.
  5. Pay to win game: Wizard101 is starting to be seen as a pay to win game due to most of the good gear being only sold in the crown shop, some of it are only in crown packs. If this was added, this image of wizard101 will be seen less.
  6. People will stop buying: Eventually, people are going to stop spending money on Wizard101, which is a serious concern. This will be either stopped or seriously slowed down if this feature was added.

Please please please implement this feature!!! It will help many people and especially Wizard101! If you disagree please tell me why as I see no reason why this shouldn't be added at all. It does more good than harm, most likely, there will be no harm done at all!