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Should there be a card game in real life?

Jul 20, 2010
I was getting thoughts...I mean why not have a card game? Our spells are considered cards why can't we get our own cards in the real world?!

The cards can be related to the wizard101 cards, we roll a dice or dip our hand inside a little bag to see if we get a regular pip or a power pip, you get starter decks to balance decks, life decks, etc. We can even get booster packs to help us out! And the little cards come with codes so we can use them as treasure cards in the game! It sounds like a good idea isn't it? :D

Jul 11, 2009
Dec 02, 2009
sounds fantastic! Or there could be cards for collecting and trading, like football cards! OR A WIZARD101 TOP TRUMPS GAME! With all the spells! and the catagories would be damage/health restored, accuracy and pip cost!

Sep 11, 2010
It sounds like a good idea in theory. But think of it - most duels in the game are fairly short, and even against bosses, they are rarely more than 10 rounds. Most games would be over in a few minutes, which... doesn't really make it that much fun. Not to mention that if it is too similar to the game, you might as well just play the game itself (saves time on reshuffling and finding dice, anyway)

A potential extension of Wizard101 as a card game, however, would be an idea. But then a lot more variables would have to be introduced to add to the fun.

Jun 06, 2009
Okay, here are some ideas for setup.

-Decks have a 50-card limit.

-No Wizard may place more than four copies of any one Spell in their Deck.

-Players have a base Health of 1500. Each then rolls 2d6, multiplies by 100, and adds that to their base (this is in place so players can't count on any one strategy, and must therefore leanr new ones).

-When calculating Accuracy, the given percentile is divided by 5, and 1d20 is rolled. The result of the division, or a number lower than it, must be rolled for a Fizzle to be averted.

-Each round, players roll 1d6. If the result is 5 or 6, a Power Pip is granted; otherwise, they recieve a normal Pip.

Note: #d# refers to rolling dice. The first number is the amount of dice that are rolled, and the second number is the number of sides on the die (so 2d6 means to roll two six-sided dice).

May 05, 2009
Hmm... wait, why am I thinking about this. Hands down its EPIC!!!