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Community Leader
Great ideas from Umbra. What do you think? Do we need more transporters?

"As of late I've grown tired of having to walk long distances in worlds such as Zafaria. The distance between Baobab and the Graveyard is extremely annoying, that's why I think it's time to install more Teleporters.

I'd like to see Hub Teleporters that direct us to areas such as the Waterfront, the Drum Jungle, and the Elephant Graveyard. As well, I think it would be wise to install Teleporters in those areas as well that lead to the various "hotspots" of that zone.

Stone Town could have Teleporters leading to the boat that leads to the Waterfront and one near the Zoo.

The Waterfront could have Teleporters leading to the Black Palace, the Library, and Belloq's Tent.

The Drum Jungle could have Teleporters leading to that Dig Site area and the entrance to the Elephant Graveyard.

The Elephant Graveyard could have a Teleporter leading to Queen Elissa's Tomb.

Zamunda could have Teleporters leading to the King's Tomb, the garden where the Queen and Princess are, and the part of the Outskirts where the Water Elementals are.

In Caer Lyon I think there should be a mini Teleporter that transfers us back and forth between the Castle Avalon entrance and Lower Caer Lyon.

The Wyrd could have Teleporters leading to the road between the White Owl Tower and Fire Elf Village, a Teleporter to the Leprechaun Village, and a Teleporter to the Wyrd Entrance.

And lastly the Wyrd should have a Teleporter to the Froundling Village and the Graveyard."

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Mar 27, 2011
That's what teleport tapestries are for. They've just added a bunch of new ones including the most distant parts of ZF. It would be great to have a tapestry or a porter to Shadow Palace (outside Morganthe's chamber) and perhaps the the Archivist in CL, but we're doing pretty well now.

Jan 27, 2012
I really only think transporters are necessary throughout Zafaria.
As mentions, the amount of time it takes to get from Baobab to Elephant Graveyard is pretty annoying, and I would really like to see a quicker way added soon.

Dec 14, 2009
I disagree. I think there are far too many shortcuts in the game already. Making travel far too easy, was one of the first things that started the decline of the once mighty Everquest.