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Shields For Wizard101! :)

Dec 19, 2010
Ok I Have 2 grandmasters and i was just wondering that sayign hey wow look at the new update there are now Resistenace,Power,Accuracy,Criritcal(new),and Black rating (new) and iwas saying wow thats amazing If block rating does what it acutully says that it has a huge resietstnece against the attack resisted to it. Ive noticed that people have Swords for wands Taht i like very much or staff or anything it doesnt matter but what if theres was SHIELDs (thats were my topuic comes in) yes you heard me SHIELDs that it could increase your blockrating that would be very cool wouldnt but i mnot sure if a wizard101 staff would be reading this post but if one did i would sure be lucky But it would be very cool There would be certain levels though i wouldnt want to be to much a knight though because this is wizard101 but maybe liek a little defender not a shield necessarily but little defender if anyone like sthis idea please commentthats all and i dont want wizar101 to look like a swordsman game because obviuosly shields are for knights but it is just an idea ok bye sorry for the bad grammar.