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Sharpend Blades

Mar 02, 2014
The sharpen blade spell is a really useful spell the only problem is you don't know weather you cast it or not. The blades look exactly the same of the regular ones so its hard to know if they are sharpened or not, there is no way to tell. My idea is for the blades to be a different color like gold or have some sort of symbol when they are sharpened.

Mar 27, 2011
yes, thank you.

There's no way to tell an item card from pet, and once your spell is enchanted (like after a reshuffle) there's no way to tell any of them apart in your hand. It's been a problem for a while and there are several threads about it. Light blue, dark blue, green, gold, tiger stripe background, an icon with a paw print or "gear" design, text, etc There are lots of ways they could indicate which version we have.

Sep 09, 2012
I agree completely. I have that treasure card and whenever I use it I can't know if my balance blade is normal or not. The colors like gold or so would be nice and maybe a new name like if it's a myth blade it could be "Sharpened Myth Blade". So it has like the first part of the spell in the blade.

Apr 05, 2013