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shared reagents

Jan 11, 2010
shared reagents
In Halston's Laboratory someone posted about shared gold in the shared bank - great idea. But I'd also like to share reagents.

I like playing different types of wizards but I really only need one crafter.

Sharing everything between my characters would be a really great thing.

Community Leader
Re: shared reagents
See this is something i would really like ,I craft a lot of furniture for housing and would love to be able to put reagents into a shared bank to trade with my other wizards.

Jun 23, 2009
Re: shared reagents
I agree with what is stated shared regent trunk is great idea as will as shared gold slot in the bank.

Jun 29, 2009
Re: shared reagents
Basically, you have a "shared" gold bank. Since Kings Isle has made most items TRADE, you can put your loot from one character in the shared bank, and take it to the bazaar with another character. :)

Reagent trading might be a nice new feature. I can't wait for the scams ... "Mounts for Diamonds."