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Share Bank and Treasure Cards

Sep 30, 2013
Forgive me if this has been discussed already, there were thousands of pages and I didn't know specifically what to look for. However, I think that our share banks between our wizards should allow the exchanging of Treasure cards. Particularly for use while questing. I don't believe that I am alone in having more than one class of wizard on an account and getting blades on one that I really never use. It is hard to find people willing to put their own game play on hold and wait and exchange treasure cards with you and just as difficult to find ones trustworthy to return them to your other wizards. This is where the feature would come in handy. No need to ask find someone who is willing to wait for you to go back and forth between wizards, and trade cards back to you. Dump your cards in the share bank for your other wizards to use or sell.

Nov 05, 2009
I agree treasure cards should have a way like shared bank to give them to your own other characters. I have a balance that has recently reached current max level and I have a bunch of higher treasure cards that unless crafting item needs I will never use on it because it would require amulet to use 8pip or higher spell from other schools but even the lower ones I wont use. Why? Because if I wanted a low hitting spell I would put a low hitting spell in my deck if I want fire ice or storm I would put in Hydra if i want death myth or life I would put in Chimera. What about damage over time? well for the pips it would cost me (usually going to be power pips) I would just use balance spell of equal pips. What about on balance based monster? Again Hydra or Chimera but now also Shadow, gaze of fate, or stacking dolls and if thats not enough I will summon a minion of a different class. I have no need (other than crafting) of all these treasure cards and I would like to give them to my low characters that could actually use them but to do so I have to find somebody I can trust and then take forever to trade cards over 4 different ones at a time. When you have almost 700 treasure cards total this is going to take awhile so thats why the shared bank would be easier.