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Shadow Infused Enchantments

May 16, 2009
Let's play around with the sun school, shall we? Now, with the introduction of shadow pips, it is possible to make some of the more powerful spell suggestions more feasible since the chance of obtaining a shadow pip is rather low. If shadow pip chance remains this low, it can help justify the more powerful spells since it will be difficult to pull them off reliably. So with that said, we can create enchantments with more exotic effects on our spells, or more potent effects. Here are a couple that come to mind. Let's start with the simple ones.

Infamous - +500 Damage, +1 Shadow Pip Cost
Unnatural - +35% Accuracy, +25% Pierce, +1 Shadow Pip Cost
Desperate - +300 Healing, +1 Shadow Pip Cost

As you can see, these are rather powerful, however, they all add a shadow pip cost to the spell you use it on. Another theme you might notice, is that the names of these are quite negative, alluding to the fact that such spells could be forbidden. Let's look an exotic effect that could be added, with some explanation.

Deceive - Give spell Dispel Immunity, +1 Shadow Pip Cost

>Now, while making a spell dispel immune might seem broken at first, think about it a little bit. If you decide to enchant a card with dispel immunity, you lost out on the chance to make it more powerful. It does less damage, less healing, less pierce, or has a lesser blade/ward value. However, it allows you to select a move that could be vital to the situation like a last minute shield or heal.

Possibly Asked Question:
Do Shadow pip costs stack?
In case you're wondering, yes, shadow pip costs will/should stack. This will make having two shadow pips more valuable since you can sling out very powerful spells.

Please leave feedback, I'd like to hear what people think.

Dec 17, 2011
Hi as fun of an idea as that is there is only one problem that springs to mind. That you won't be able to enchant other shadow pip requirement spells science you only get 2 shadow pips. Altho it is a great concept but instead of a shadow pip maybe a power pip or 2 additional pips.