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Shadow Conversion Maybe?

Mar 16, 2012
I saw a thread which pitched a similar idea, but I wanted to further it a bit.

What if there was a shadow conversion card! It would work similar to a sun spell or a monstrology spell where you could use it to enhance a spell. What it would do is reduce the number of pips a spell cost, say, by four, and replace that with a shadow pip.

I mean, be frank, with all the power and abilities bull, bugs, etc has they would be around a 11-12 pip spell without shadow. This shadow conversion spell would breath new life into older spells that are just to costly and not beneficial enough to use in the face of shadow aoe and shadow hits like FFA.

But, I wouldn't stop at merely converting a spell. No, no, no! What could would a unbuffed shadow serpent be in the fact of Bull? No, I say you could choose to place the convert on either the spell directly, OR onto a sun spell like Epic! Make it a shadow epic! That epic would then no only add the damage like normal, but convert the spell to a shadow spell! That would definitely give older spells a good kick back to life!

Now, you might ask, why use Bull if you could have a buffed shadow sun serpent? Because, bull does a large amount of damage spread evenly among a group. Shadow sun serpent, or SSS does a large amount of damage to one opponent then a much smaller amount to the rest.

The only problem I could see is it might make spells like Dancing Saber's obsolete as that spell, specifically, is weaker then a FFA on a single hit and weaker then a bull on a full group hit. (weak as meteor to be truthful.) Though, it is stronger then bull on a single target so it does have that tiny niche right there. A niche that a SSS might infringe on.

Still, I could see it breathing new life into things and be a welcomed addition! Imagine, a Shadow Forest lord with the cost of pips and a shadow pip! It would finally be the reliable, buffable, 4 pip damaging aoe that life so badly needs!