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~Selling Special Crown Items~

Nov 25, 2009
Alright, yes I have an idea, and I very much hope that someone working in KI may consider using this idea.
I believe that it would be awesome if we could sell certain crown items. I'm not talking about the stuff you pick up from defeating a boss; no, I am quite fine with keeping that how it is.
I mean you can only receive crowns when you sell an item if you bought that item with crowns.
Let me explain with an example:
I recently payed $25 to get some crowns. I bought a ride with the crowns, but I now wish to sell the ride. Because I bought the crowns with which I bought the ride (which you guys must keep on record or something, right?). I believe that I should be able to sell the ride in return for crowns. Maybe not as many crowns as I payed, but at least 80%.
I am sure this would make many people much happier, including myself.

I also think it would be a better idea if ya allowed a preview of the rides. I.E. Put a two-min. timer on the preview so people can't run around with it up.

Thank you for reading this, and I certainly hope my ideas may be considered and even happen. :)
-Sierra Strider, level 22 Necromancer-

Feb 16, 2009
I like your idea, but there's one flaw.

Most mounts can also be bought with gold. Are you talking specifically about the Crown-only mounts? If so, bravo! Excellent suggestion!

Dec 19, 2008
I aggree with what SuperWiz1560 said. Only if you buy with crowns! God Idea
Headmaster Night ( Search Edward Night's School within a school for why I wrote that name)

Nov 25, 2009
Yes, I mean you have to pay with crowns in order to receive crowns back when you sell it.