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Selling furniture to friends

May 15, 2009

this is not giving items away this is fair system of getting items you need
such like say for example your friend has a wraith statue which you want
if the friend is willing to sell it to you you click on them click barter
the friend clicks place item and it pulls up their list of furniture they have in their backpack
they click the item they want to sell and it removes the item from your back pack and places it in the box
the price for it would appear on the button that says buy
this would be a fair system because both players would give and recieve something
the seller would recieve money and the buyer gets what they wanted

no you would not be allowed to have a friend buy a crown item such as clothes,mounts,etc and sell it to a friend

and also you WOULD NOT be allowed to sell houses to friends or items that are not tradeable

Nov 07, 2009
This would be good. Maybe we could trade reagents, as often my sister and I have reagents that the other one needs; not what we need ourselves. :D

As we've repeatedly stated, the trade of items between different account logins will not be added to Wizard101.

The only items that can be traded between two different account logins are non-enchanted Treasure Cards.

Items that you want to place in the Shared Bank can be moved between Wizards on the same account. If you can't use the item, sell it to the Bazaar, and if it is marked No Auction, you can sell it at the regular shopkeeps throughout the Spiral.

If you want the prize, you have to build the ladder rung by rung. There are no shortcuts.