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See Your Pets Mate

Dec 26, 2009
So, it came to me just now. I was looking through my many pets, looking at which one I felt I wanted to train next. I was looking at pedigrees and stat numbers, and felt lost.

What if we could see the pet and its statistics/talent already acquired and others that could be (basically what you see for the other pet as your about to hatch)
Because when I haven't trained in a while, I like to know what I could possibly get to see if its worth the time. I would like to see what pet it was hatched with and everything with it, just to remember what had happened so I can make a good choice as to which to train and what not.

If I had a rain beetle and hatched it with, say, an icebat and ended up with another rain beetle, eventually I'd probably like to look back at that pet to see what its talents were and like, guess at what the new pet could get, so I'm not left guessing.

I think it could be useful for those of us who wonder what that troll was hatched with last year, or what that Medusa was hatched with last night.


James LifeCatcher 95

Jul 13, 2014
So if I understood you correctly, you're basically asking for a family tree of your pets? Seems like a neat idea.

Jun 19, 2010
I and other players love your idea.

What I and others have done to better manage pets, is create an excel spreadsheet that breaks out all pet statistics and talents; so its possible to instantly view which pet has the highest pedigree number, or other specifics too.

I also took a snapshot of each pet displaying all of their stats, so now its possible to view pet statistics when I'm offline. I just have to remember to update my excel file, and snap a few update photos every now and again.

And two things to guide you in the process; take snapshots before you create your excel file. This way if you time out and get logged out, you'll have snapshots of your pet stats you can refer to.

And when you take snapshots, remember to reposition your mouse so it doesn't cover up any useful information.

I hope this helps you go and create your own master pet list, until KI goes ahead and creates an online player version.

Mar 27, 2011
Take a screenshot of the two pets together in the hatcher, and one of the egg. Use the talent order information on 101Central to see what you got.