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"Secret Area/Zone for Wizard101

Apr 19, 2010
I have recently found out on other games of secret areas that are hard to find (and I mean harder than the death school entrance behind the waterfall in the commons (sorry about the spoiler) ) that contained items or even bosses that were suppose to be put into these games. I was thinking of an area/zone for Wizard101 of nothing but things that were suppose to be put into the game when it first came out, such as NPCs, housing items, certain spells, old spell designs, different sounds, but mostly things that were planned to be used for certain things, etc. If the things were NPCs, they could have a rough 3D sketch of it followed by a message stating which world it was suppose to be in and what its name would have been. If it was an old sound that was suppose to be used, they could have a message saying "Press X to play sound." I'd love this idea and it wouldn't be a zone where you'd see other wizards there, it would just be you running around in this area being shown all of the things that were gonna be put into Wizard101, but were scrapped due to time concerns, or were just scrapped altogether. And the entrance could be like a different looking Spiral Door located in a top secret location in just one world (Possibly Wizard City). Just an idea I was looking forward to sharing with all of you!

David Darkflame Level 100