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Secondary School - Zodiac ideas

Jan 11, 2012
I have come up with some rules for this school, that I think would be a fair approach for it. These are spells, based off of the wizard's date of creation/birth; which are constant and predictable. Let’s take my first ever wizard, who was born on January 11th 2012, which would make my fire a Capricorn (as one example). I know that there are already spells that have aspects of zodiac signs already in them, so these would need a different animation. Here are some guidelines for the spells of the Zodiac School:

Life Sap: No

Sun Enchant: Yes

Where Received: Celestia - you would need to be a specific level and get a quest for it

Casting Animation: the script version of the zodiac symbol

Spell Animation: The main part of the animation should be based off of the signs themselves.

Can you train more than one zodiac spell: Yes, the free one is your wizard’s zodiac sign spell based off of creation date, then all others are at 1 TP per spell

Pip Cost: Maximum of 7 pips (to allow off school training without needing mastery amulets). NO X-pip spells. If the spell you’re casting is aligned with your wizard’s birth date, it uses powerpips. In my description of my fire wizard, if he used the Capricorn spell, it would use powerpips. However, if he later trained Aries, that would NOT use power pips.

Damage: Astral. The wizard’s PRIMARY school should NOT be influence zodiac spells. If you’re a Storm Capricorn, the spell should work exactly the same as a Life Capricorn.

After effects: Yes. Here’s what I envisioned. All zodiac spells would grant a blade, trap, and shield.

Blade and Trap:
If you were Fire/Storm/Life, you’d get a Solar blade and the enemy would get a Solar Trap.
If you were Ice/Death/Myth, you’d get a Moon Blade and the enemy would get a Moon Trap.
If you were a Balance wizard, you’d get a balance school specific blade and the enemy would get a balance school specific trap (and yes, that means they would need to be created)

This way, your primary school attacks would get a boost.


Whatever school has the most representation by the opponents’ schools (including if any of them have attack spell mastery in another school), that’s the shield you would get. So if there were 4 opponents that used Fire attack spells, and 3 of those opponents used ice attack spells via mastery, you’d get a Solar Shield. If Balance school came up as the highest likely school based off of opponents’ schools, then a Weakness would get put on the opponent(s).

PvP usable: No reason for them not to be, and if the side effects make it unfair for PvP, then it’s time to make spells grant after effects differently for PvP and PvE.

Jun 17, 2014
only issue, KI doesnt keep track of birthdays.....and balance could be balance blade, hex, and tower?

Jan 11, 2012
camahawk on Jan 12, 2017 wrote:
only issue, KI doesnt keep track of birthdays.....and balance could be balance blade, hex, and tower?
no, not people's birthdays, wizard creation date (aka wizard birthdays). I would have an EXTREMELY hard time believing they cant pull up wizard creation dates. if you read my post again, you'll see I used my wizard's creation date. The way I knew that was because it was the first wizard created on my account, and I can find the account by looking at a post of min, and looking at the JOIN DATE. That is my fire wizard's birthday. That is the date Im talking about, not when I was born back in 1973.