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secondary school your oppisite?

Feb 17, 2009
My main school is life, but i chose death as my secondary school because it makes it easier for me to arange my deck when i have to battle a death or a life monster. Plus it is good to understand your counterpart. If any one els chose their oppisite, please post the schools and reason why you chose your oppisite. I am curiose to see about how many other wizards did this too :). If you did not, post what schools and why you chose them and/or why not choose your oppisite. Thanks in advanced!

Baily SoulGlen, level 43, Master Life, second in Death

Jul 08, 2009
My Secondary School's my Primary School's opposite!



Why I chose opposite: At first I decided to take Fire as my Secondary (because my friend who I know in Real Life and In-Game recommended it, since we were supposed to be in Fire School together, but I decided to take Myth as my primary.) Anyways, I learned a few spells from the Fire School, but I really wasn't satisfied 'cuz I was looking for a school that did alot of Damage, and the Fire Spells just weren't good enough for my taste.

Then I saw how much damage the Storm School's spells did, so I switched to storm. Also I feel that the best way to achieve greatness is to see opposite sides of Magic, so I can can get a better understanding of the two Schools (Which is why most of my Gear promotes Health and Mana, since they're both very important in duels, and due to the fact that Storm has the lowest Health.)

Dec 10, 2008
I'm myth, but i know storm, i just did it because i could kill the dark pixies in one hit! lol :P

Aug 05, 2009
My secondary is NOT the opposite of my main.
Main: ice
Second: myth

Reason why:Well, as i havent been playing this wizard a while,( i have been playing my grandmasters)My reasons at the beginning of the game are unclear. But, my reasons for it now would be is that myth is strong against storm, right? And storm does the most damage. So my first reason is that i can easily fight storm with its strong attacks. My second reason is that earthquake is a good remover in pvp or in the warehouse when i get there.
Kevin IceRider Lvl 30 ( Third grand gonna be!)