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Second school?

Jun 28, 2009
Ok i have a death wizard. What do you think should be his second school? cuz im still deciding. I do a lot of soloing and barely do PvP, (so dont saylike do this school cuz of PvP. if you answer that would be great 8)

Jun 10, 2009
I'm a grandmaster necromancer and started my second school as ice and my third as life. After playing for a while, I bought some crowns and started over. Now I'm death, fire, and life and I'm ready to spend crowns again to get my training points back
Like you, I go solo except when I'm forced to seek help with some things and I'd don't feel the need to prove that I'm better than anyone else so I avoid PVP. The only PVP I do is for fun with friends.
After doing some of the more serious battles, with friends at my side, I have decided to try Balance school. Not so much for the balance attacks, but for the buffs and traps that are compatible with my death spells. (I hit over 12,000 with the help from a balance friend :D) I'll probably keep life spells for those times that I'm low on health and my wraith decides to fizzle

I think I spent more time deciding what my second and third schools should be than I did deciding a college major :P

The final decision is yours to make, but I hope that as a fellow necromancer my experience in different schools can help you decide.