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Schools of Time, Space, & Entropy (Lvl 100+)

May 16, 2009
These schools are meant to be presented in a way similar to the Astral Schools. They are supplementary schools and are not meant to be a "Main School."

School of Time: Focuses on manipulating the flow of battle, including turn order, etc. The school is meant to be used to give you a distinct advantage, however, some spells have serious consequences.

Restart- 2 pips, targets everyone. Resets everyone's deck, and removes all charms, wards, and traps from everyone. Can only be used once.

Fast Clock- 0 pips, targets self. Allows you to go first for the next round.

Time Travel- X pips, where X is a select-able number. Targets self only. The spell allows you to cast X amount of spells (depending on how many pips were consumed) for your next turn. After your next turn, you are stunned for X - 1 (X minus 1) turns as a backlash penalty. Gives a stun shield to self. Be careful when selecting the amount of pips you want to consume, you will have to work with what you have left! (Power pips can count as 2)
Time Stop- 1 pip, targets all. Ends the current round and forces everyone who hasn't taken his/her turn to pass. Maximum of one use per wizard.

Paradox- 0 pips, single target. Adds up the pips of yours and the target's and splits them evenly between the battle participants.

School of Entropy: This school is meant to make people go: "Wat." It uses and manipulates things in an abnormal way and its spells have weird behavior.

Power Crumble- 2 pips, 70% acc, single target, 200 damage. Similar to Enfeeble, this spell uses your target's blades to increase the damage output. But be careful, it will also consume negative charms and reduce the damage.

Armor Crumble- 2 pips, 90% acc, target ally, 200 heal. Similar to Shatter, this spell uses the target's traps to power the heal. Careful, wards will lower the heal amount.

Entropic Power- 0 pips, target ally or enemy. Depending on the target, gives a blade/weakness between the value of 10% - 45% for 3 rounds. If the charm is used, a new one will appear.

Entropic Armor- 0 pips, target ally or enemy. Depending on the target, gives a trap/ward between the value of 35% - 70%.

Pure Entropy- 2 pips, 85% acc. Casts ANY spell from your spellbook onto a random target. Random spell's effects/restrictions apply except for pips. If the spell is a heal, it will always target self. Damaging, charms, wards, and trap spells target random. WILL NOT USE TC.

School of Space: This school focuses on moving people, and indirectly changing turn order.

Swap- 0 pips. Switches 2 targets' positions in the battle circle.

Black Hole- 2 pips. Changes everyone's position in the battle circle in a random order.

Vacuum- 0 pips, 40% acc. Takes all pips from your target.

Heavy Gravity- 3 pips, Global Spell. Gives +15% damage and prevents your location in the circle from being changed.

Rotation- 2 pips. Switches everyone back to their original position.

Nov 12, 2013
Dec 05, 2012
allot of kids probably won't know what entropy means sadly.

blaze deathward level 100 &

Oct 09, 2011
Time spells are plain overpowered. So are Entropy's Crumble spells.

Pure Entropy is too risky. 2 pips for any spell in your deck onto a random target? That could mean a Storm Owl to an enemy with three shields. It could also be a completely useless blade. True, it could save you, but there's a much bigger chance of it being a waste of a round and two pips than it being useful.

Swap, Black Hole and Rotation won't do much of anything, and would be mostly annoying and a waste of a turn. Also, would wards and charms move with the target? Could enemies and allies switch places? Vacuum would be the only reason to ever train the Sun accuracy spells, and that combined with Infallible would be too overpowered to implement. As for Heavy Gravity, how exactly does gravity help with damage? It sounds like it makes everything harder to do. Also, global spells shouldn't have an effect that isn't global. (prevents your location in the circle from being changed.)