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School Specific Protection Aura's

Jun 28, 2013
I have an idea about a new star school spell series.
They would follow the Star school specific extra damage aura's as a requirement
They would be pretty much all the same @ 50% protection for 4 rounds only 1 school.
This would help extremely when fighting the same mob, especially when questing alone. It can be frustrating looking for shields just to survive. if we had these aura's we can put one up and prepare to fight a bit better. I got this idea while questing in mirage. I can tell you this world is a bit tough question solo. Even though we have friend lists they are not always available to help. That being said,.
I am not very fancy with what they can be called. I am just stating the basic idea,..
Galvanic Shield Aura: adds 50% Storm Protection for 4 rounds. Requirement: Galvanic Field & L110
Magma Shield Aura: adds 50% Fire Protection for 4 rounds. Requirement: Furnace & L110
Tundra Shield Aura: Adds 50% Ice Protection for 4 rounds. Requirement: Sleet Storm & L110
Nature Shield Aura: Adds 50% Life Protection for 4 rounds. Requirement: Devotion & L110
Earth Shield Aura: Adds 50% Myth Protection for 4 rounds. Requirement: Reliquary & L110
Void Shield Aura: Adds 50% Death Protection for 4 rounds. Requirement: Virulence & L110
Equilibrium Shield Aura: Adds 50% Balance Protection for 4 Rounds. Requirement:
Chastisement or Punishment & L110
I suppose there would also be some sort of penalty to go with it, in respect of how the other aura's have.
Possibly - 5% accuracy or damage. Maybe both.
Anyway this is my idea. Please give your opinions, Discuss what you think.
Thank You
Mark Dragonleaf L125
Mark Shadowleaf L 118