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School specific Aesthetic ideas!

Oct 24, 2012
Hello all! A thought crossed my mind, we don't have any aesthetic perks that actually attribute to your wizard, not the clothing. Here are my thoughts on what these could be, (They would have NO stats, as that would make some a little to op)
Fire: Maybe fire could have Flaming fists, or a flaming skull/eyes

Ice:Half their faces could have crackled ice on it

Storm:This could have a floating raincloud above their heads, with lightning striking them every so often.

Death:Not too sure for this one, maybe being able to turn your wizard into a skeleton?

Myth: (the main reason i made this thread!) Should be able to have One eye like a Cyclops instead of two.

Life: Maybe some leaves by their feet, that starts falling into a trail when you walk.

Balance:Honestly I can't think of one for Balance.

Thoughts? Feel free to suggest other Aesthetic ideas below!!!
~The Jaded Conjurer~