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school pets and also some new spells

Aug 04, 2013
pet-fire wyrm. gives 1 card at baby: dragon titan 2340 damage
pet-storming spirit gives 1 card at baby: storm spirit 2405 damage
pet-frost lord(basically a frost giant)gives one card at baby: frost titan 2225 damage
pet-haunted skull gives one card at baby: death princess 1500 half life swap
pet-spinosour gives 1 card at baby: life dragon +3000
pet- great sabertooth gives one card at baby: rnk 14 myth minion

zeus polymorth
poseidon polymorth
hades polymorth
aquilla lvl 101 dungeon nyx and chaos lvl 101+

Jan 27, 2012
A fire-wyrm is just another dragon, not gonna happen.
Um if you mean like an elemental, not gonna happen
Its an okay idea... but card needs less damage
I imagining a skeleton, in which case there already is one
Maybe, but different card
There already is one.. and not another minon.. we already have 6
Nobody uses polymorphs except noobs and people who are new, so we wont get any more of them.
Aquilla is complete, no more dungeons are being added.

Nice try though