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school of truth idea

Dec 29, 2008
so there should be a school of truth like it is awesome here is the plan

lvl 1- tell me your truth

little lite swirls around you and very tiny blue lights come out of your mouth and the spell take 50-110

lvl 5- happy tellers

little men come out of no were and start saying happy stuff you smile and go up and talk with them then they attack takes 100-150

lvl 8-healing teller

a ball of blue green yellow and black got around you or your team and give 100 or 110 life

lvl 15 likeing what you say

you start to say all the spells you used and then 30% of everyone you used comes at you and does that damage like if you use 3 spell it would take 90% of life

lvl 22 super attack

thousands of small lights circle in the sky them 100 of them atatch to you and pull until you fall and does to all enemies takes 200-300

that's all i got post a bunch of them please