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School of Runes

May 16, 2009
While I was completing Grizzleheim and Wintertusk to make the quest for my level 55 spell available, I noticed multiple instances where rune magic was used by NPCs. The magic they worked seemed to be of a reactionary type of magic, removing barriers for us as we pass through, bringing good luck, etc. So I got inspired and decided to think this School out. So here we go.

The School of Runes, or Runic Magic, is a school that specializes in reactionary, and countering magic. Spells of this school can be cast on anyone, depending on the effect, and they last until the criteria is met and are consumed. A wizard may only have a maximum of 2 runes on him/her.

I suggested some spells called "Mine Spells" earlier this year that would fit under this criteria, and while I have some changes I want to make to them, you can look at them here: www.wizard101.com/forum/the-dorms/mine-spells-8ad6a41552ee85ff01531c40668f12c1

Other than the Mine Spells, a couple other suggestions would include these following spells:

Rune of Protection - 3 pips; target ally; Upon being attacked, and if no positive wards exist on you, gain a -40% universal shield.

Rune of Power - 3 pips; target ally; When a positive charm is cast upon the target, duplicate it with half the value.

Rune of Weakness - 3 pips; target enemy; When a negative charm or trap is cast upon the target, duplicate it with half the value.

Rune of Retaliation - 3 pips: target enemy; When the target uses a damaging spell, deal 10% of the total output to the target.

Rune of Decay - 3 pips; target any; When an enemy target gains a HoT, or an ally target gains a DoT, reduce it by 1 round.

Rune of Longevity - 3 pips; target any; When an enemy target gains a DoT, or an ally target gains a HoT, increase it by 1 round.

Rune of Light - 3 pips; target ally; On the next Shadow School spell, reduce the backlash by 10.

Rune of Umbra - 3 pips; target enemy; On the next shadow school spell, increase backlash by 20.

Runic Shield - 2 pips; target ally; Only allies may cast rune spells on you.

Erase Runes - 2 pips; target any; Remove all runes from the target, or break their Runic Shield.

May 30, 2009
May 16, 2009
wizard7867 on Aug 11, 2016 wrote:
Good idea. :) Also as a secondary school.
Always as a secondary school. I feel like it would be a ton of work, and too late, to add another primary school.