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School Mounts

May 04, 2009
I've seen this idea a lot through the years, but I haven't seen it a lot recently and I thought, why not bring it up again.

Personally, I've always loved the idea of school mounts. It's a great way to show off your school and a fantastic award! Though, I feel the player should only be rewarded with it at a high level, and our highest levels now are 100. I also feel that if this ever were going to happen, these shouldn't be ordinary "run of the mill" mounts, each should have good animation and should look "elegant" so to speak. I personally think creatures such as wolves, dragons, horses, birds, and so on would be best, because personally I do not want to be rewarded with a huge Ice Beetle or Frost Giant. Although that is just my opinion. Here were some of my ideas: (feel free to suggest your own or correct me on anything)

Ice: The Pegasus from the Snow Angel spell or the Woolly Mammoth
Fire: What better than the Fire Dragon
Storm: The Catalan (At first I thought of the Storm Owl, but then thought it would be a bit too "bulky" so to speak to easily ride around, the Leviathan also came to mind, but seeing that swim around in mid-air would be silly)
Balance: For this school, I'd suggest the Chimera (considering we already have a Hydra and Saber-tooth)
Life: The Spinysaur (personally would love to see players riding this around)
Death: Either the Skeletal Dragon or the Avenging Fossil for this one (I'm a little iffy on this one as we already have a bone dragon mount, although it is a really rare Pack item)
Myth: Finally, the Orthus or Basilisk

Those were just my ideas, does anyone else want to be rewarded with a mount pertained to their school? And what were some of your guy's idea, I've seen so many and I wonder if there's anymore out there. But this was my spill on it. (Just an idea, not an absolute necessity)

Thanks for reading if you read all the way through.

Jan 25, 2015
yea spinysaur would have the the animation for the t-rex mount

Feb 08, 2009
May 29, 2014
For Life Mounts It needs to be something more life but not spinysaur.

Jun 04, 2011
the life should have a huge flying creature from the caterpillar spell