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School Ideas

Nov 30, 2012
These are purely for creativity so just try to enjoy the ideas. However though, KI could utilize these in the far future, allowing a slow down to the game so people play as new schools from the beginning.

I reorganized the pyramid thing.

Elemental Schools:
Fire (Same)

Earth: Terramancers. They have high defense and health,not quite as good as ice, but better damage. They will replace Myth as the remover of shields. They take the big hits, and place and remove shields.
-Ex Spells: Stone Flesh, Iron Flesh, Diamond Flesh, Pierce Ward, Gold Mine, Earthquake, Megaquake, Pebble Storm, Bullworm, Slugzilla

Water: Hydromancers. Completely different than Storm, with good health, ok accuracy, but low damage. Water specializes in utilizing Global Spells, and some even deal damage (Ex: Acid Rain- Deal 250 damage global every round)
-Ex: Globals: Downpour, Torrent, Monsoon, Nourishing Rain, Dark Haze, Avenging Currents, Whirpool, etc. Regular Spells: Sea Serpent, Feeding Frenzy, Spear Fish, Tiger Shark, Neptune, Octosquid, Pirates!, Tsunami

Balance (Same)

Spirit Schools:
Death (Same)
Life (Same)

Myth: With the Earth school, I would make Myth focus more on manipulation and minions. They deceive their enemies with illusions, trickery, while also summoning powerful minions
-Ideas for new spells: Ward/Charm Trickery, Masquerade, Magician's Blade, Double Trap, Flatter, Transmute, Trick Room, Duplicate, Puppet Master, Invisibility (Post what you think they should do!!!)

Here's the added groupings:
Natural Schools:
Storm (same)
Ice (same)

War: Soldiers. Low health, high attack. They have two types of attacks: Regular spells with 65% acc, and War-only natural attacks. These have 90% accuracy, avoid shields, but have much lower attack than regular spells.
-Ex of Regular Spells: Colossaphant, War Tank, Ares, Armageddon, Sword Master, Flak-Jaket(School shield)
-Ex of Natural Attacks: Karate Chop, Quick Strike, Poisoned Dagger, Power Punch, Drill Kick, Dagger of Suffering, Close Combat, Fists of Fury, Slice and Dice, Wiz-Jitsu, Execution, The 5 Forbidden Moves

Cosmic: Clairvoyants. The other version of Balance for the other two groupings. They are the stereo-type of fantasy wizards
-Ex: Natural Blade/Trap, Moral Blade/Trap, Sorcerer's Apprentice, Arcane Intellect, Arcane Healing, Vex, Force-Field, Magic Missile, Colossal Slime, Gelatinous Cube, Orche Jelly, Mind Harvester

Chaos: Warlocks. Average health, accuracy. Some of their spells are known as curses- they have extraordinary amounts of damage, but have a negative effect that cripples the caster as a result.
-Ex: Cataclysm, Dark Nether, Succubus, Pit Lord, Scrolls of Fate

Love: Priests. Like Life, but also heals mana and are the only schools with auras.
-Ex: Holy Book, Bane of the Undead, Archangel, Bubble Shield, Aether, Vast Bubble

Energy: Shamans. Summon totems, special minions that continually cast a buff on the caster (Ex: +10% damage every round)
-Ex: Weak Totem, Healing Totem, Totem of Strength

Jul 04, 2015
It'll be kinda hard to change the current winning formula, since the lore is already tightly bound.
Some of the ideas can be used for an alternate levelling system moving forward.