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School dungeons

May 01, 2011
once you reach level 70 when it comes out your teacher will tell you to come to them they will tell you that you have to free them from being a ghost because they would be a ghost when you go to them. so for each school there will be a dungeon you will get to these dungeons by going in bartleby. for example the bosses in the death dungeon would be like skeleton dragon tamer or rider for the first floor then on the second floor there would be three banshees and their names would be howling horrors then for the third floor there would be a cat he would be half skeleton half cat and he would be in armor and then skeleton warriors will be with him. for the fourth floor there would be a ghoul named the gravedigger and a raven minion. on the last floor would be a ghost of malistaire and dworgyn both evil and they will drop your level 70 gear for your own school and you would get a new spell for doing your school dungeon!

Dec 04, 2008
May 01, 2011
here is my example for the fire dungeon:
first floor: two fire elfs
second floor: a mini volcano boss and its magma man minion
third floor: a heckhound and its fire cat minion
fourth floor: a helephant and a phoenix
fifth floor: the fire proffeser and her dragon minion

and here is my life dungeon example:
first floor: a leperchaun and a imp
second floor: a scarecrow and its treant minion
third floor: a satyr and a seraph
fourth floor: centaur and a sprite and a fairy
fifth floor: moolinda wu and a unicorn

still thinking of more dungeon ideas

Sep 05, 2010
Free them from being a ghost?Theres a major hole in that... First, who made them into ghosts.Second, why? Third, how hard? Lastly,rewards. :?

May 01, 2011
difficulty of these dungeons would be like the dungeons for the 70 world
rewards would be your level 70 gear and it would make you look very much perfect for your school and wands would look like for storm would be lightning bolts and life reed pipes and still need to think of the rest.
who turned them into ghosts would be the work of morganthe she has brought sylvia drake and malistaire meowarity krokopatra and lord nightshade and the jade oni back to life. and you must destroy them in the level 70 world

May 05, 2011
hey sis,
my idea is for the myth dungeon
first floor: a minataur boss with blood bat
second floor: a boar and cyclops
third floor:a troll with a spider
fourth floor: two headed dog and medusa
fifth floor: cyrus drake with a golem :D

and now for my storm dungeon idea
first floor: a storm bat and a lightning snake
second floor: a kraken and a storm elemental
third floor: stormzilla and triton
fourth floor: a levitheon boss with a crab
fifth floor: proffesor balestorm with electric eel ta da