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School combos/spell combos

Dec 29, 2009
I want to know what you guys think is the best school combo and the best spell combo. :)

This is what my opinion is.

I am a Balance (main) and Death (secondary) wizard. I think that my school combo is good because you get the great blades/traps, pretty powerful spells and you get to heal/shield (balance). :-) Then from my death I get the feint and the spells that heal you when you attack.

My best spell combo is this

1: Feint the enemy
2: Spirit Trap
3: Spirit Blade
4: Bladestorm
5: BalanceBlade
6: Hex
7: Death trap treasure card (optional)
8. Spirit blade/trap treasure card (optional)
9. Save up 6 pips
10. Use Wraith

It will do about 1000-3000 (without treasure cards) or 1000-6000 (with treasure cards)

It also depends weather or not the enemy used a death shield or not and if the enemy is a Life or Death.

Zachary ShadowBlade :? :)