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School Choosing

Jan 17, 2011
crackerjack323 on Apr 11, 2013 wrote:
Dont do balance, you'll come to realize that balance has no converts making fights against balance bosses darn near impossible
but balance has no shields.

Dec 03, 2010
do balance. i have a lvl 7 balance and a lvl 5 myth but the balance is better.

Jul 10, 2012
i would choose balance because i just think they are great. the only really bad thing is fighting balance bosses. i am lvl 16 balance and he is really cool. you have a lot of health and no school besides balance can resist you and there are really no sheilds for balance besides tower. balance also is really fun to play as. they may not seem fun at first but when you lvl them up they can get really good. i have done really good with balance. just look at MsCourtneyOlivia, her balance is epic! ( if you do not know her, look up her zafaria walkthroughs on youtube and do walkthrough 10 and on. she uses her balance on those) Caleb Hawlktalon lvl 16

Mar 10, 2010
There are ups and downs to all schools.
: Good: Great for group play and has many friend boosting abilities. Moderate accuracy and power. High side of health. Great defenses and spells to make opponents fail. Can only be blocked by tower shield, etc.
Bad: Hard to go up against your own school. Weak blade and can be used by anything. Relies on other schools to get things done.

: Good: Many defenses. High health and clothes that boost abilities. Can defend against everything. Can stun enemies. Moderate accuracy
Bad: Very low power. Not much extreme at anything except for health.

: Good: Numerous traps and charms. Swaps attack and heals itself. High charm and trap value. Can deal very heavy damage. High health.
Bad: Hurts itself a lot for other benefits. Makes it hard to heal itself. Puts itself in high amounts of danger.

: Good: Does the second ranked amount of damage. Does over time damage to help dodge ward. Can also do heavy damage if used correctly.
Bad: Lower success rate. Low health as well. Trap only effects once. If weakness is used, it effects all over time damage.

: Good: Does a weak hit then a mighty hit to get rid of shields. Has many minions to help when alone. slightly high damage and moderate.
Bad: Has to put multiple traps on. Lower health.

Will post life and storm later

Mar 10, 2010
crackerjack323 on Apr 11, 2013 wrote:
Dont do balance, you'll come to realize that balance has no converts making fights against balance bosses darn near impossible
Not exactly because later you get the spectral blast and the hydra. And in not to long you will get the Judgement which if you stock your pips could do something big.

Amber Rainbowstone - level 60

Sierra Hex - level 33

Jun 23, 2012
I suppose the previous message didn't work. Well anyway I got some things done and I came up with news. My Fire, Myth, and Life are on track with their quests and not under leveled meaning they have absolutely no reason for me to delete them now. Death and Ice on the other hand I'm worried about. I struggle with both of them because of the under leveled problem. Ice is struggling to get to Celestia and Death is struggling in Celestia; I understand its a hard world and all but I think the only reason is the fact they are under leveled. Ice is slightly ahead but not much since both of them complete The Final Countdown at level 46. Even a more obvious sight: Death got to Dragonspyre at level 33. I tried Balance I could do it but it would be very difficult to how I play the game, Storm is the same way only problem their is the lack of health and resist. Everyone the new decision is Death or Ice.

  • Death I struggle with because the enemies I face get you down to 1,000 health on the first round and so I'm having to wear Ice armor to support myself from an instant death.
  • Ice I struggle with not due to low damage, only the fact I don't have Frost Giant yet.

Nov 28, 2008
Darkness Guardian on Apr 10, 2013 wrote:
I have heard and listened to some people asking which school would be best right now I have a fire, ice, life, and death. Trying to figure out which next and last school should come either myth or balance. I have determined not to do storm, sure it can heal at a high level and gets some good armor with its high damage but in the beginning its hard to master and fight alone usually for most or some people. So I want to hear peoples opinions which school do you think would be best to choose Myth or Balance?
i say is better than for lots of reasons. One for if you fight a boss the same school as you, almost no damage is done by your attacks. With you can convert it to . Also with if you are ever having trouble with a hard boss you could just summon a minon. Also with pvp is easier, whenever someone has a lot of sheilds and blades you can just earthquake then so they lose all of it. If i had a choice between the best schools i would be such choosing or but that is for a different post

Jun 17, 2012
myth is unique. weather its breaking shields, or doing a little bit of damage then the most damage to get the shields down. balance is also unique , calling upon the other schools to help it, for example, hydra and chimera.