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Sacred Charge/Three Droppable Spells

Sep 04, 2008
I’d like to make a suggestion about the availability of the droppable spell Sacred Charge. Sacred Charged is only obtainable by wizards who have access to Darkmoore, an area that is level restricted. The other two droppable spells, Catch of the Day and Burning Rampage, are possible rewards from secret bosses that reside in areas accessible to all levels of wizards, via by normal means or porting. I suggest that the location of the secret boss in Darkmoore, Aphrodite, be changed so that all levels of wizards can enter the battle, or make all three spells craft-able. I would love to hear other’s opinions or suggestions on this subject as well!

Mar 05, 2012
Catch of the Day is pretty easy to obtain (mooshu); Rampage a little tougher battle.

I agree with your thoughts on the Life spell though.

Not only do you need keys for all of these, but in Darkmoor, - it's limited access.

wouldn't want to see these being craft -able, but they should all have the same access to try for it?

Jan 11, 2012
I have ALWAYS had an issue with a rank 5 spell being level locked to a rank 10 dungeon. My life got the spell REALLY early on, which I consider myself lucky, but that doesnt change the fact that the drop is soooo unbalanced. Suggestions have been made to make those 3 spells craftable, as well as dropped from loremaster. A third suggestion would be to remove the spell from the drop list in Aphrodite 2, and make it a new boss fight someplace else in the spiral NOT level locked. Of course, making it able to port into the fight after you entered the sigil would do it too, however, other drops from A2 are level locked (like the energy gear). I believe that gear SHOULD be level locked, but again, relocate the spell drop. My feeling is ANY spell that is dropped should be able to be crafted. Another observation Ive had is that there is a link between being craftable and being dropped from loremaster; any spell dropped from loremaster can be crafted, any spell NOT dropped from LM can not be. Some spells are dropped from monsters other than loremaster, and yet can still be crafted, so why not these three?

Feb 06, 2010
I understand where your coming from for the availability for the fight, but my problem is more the Drop rate than the location. Sure a 1% drop rate would work on Loremaster (Who has like, 8 spell in her poll now), but being the specific boss that drops it could KI bump it up to 5%?